Remember that semi-little (cough) Kitchen project we were working on a few weeks ago? Well, the kitchen is long since finished and the girl is just now getting around to posting pictures. Anyways, enough chitter chatting …
~ Cheery Goldish Walls ~
Just so my mother doesn’t holler, I must waste no time in telling
you wonderful people, “This is the most cluttered up you will
ever EVER see our kitchen in your whole entire life!”

~ Our Little Breakfast Nook ~
Whoever called it a “Nook” in the first place, hmm? The girl is
sure she doesn’t remember, but isn’t a cutesy roomical place?

… But it all started when a sweet mother-lady said “I wonder what this
Kitchen would look like green?” as she she sat at the supper table
one fine Summer night with the breeze floating through the windows.
And thus, the amazing father-man began to ponder these things in his
heart; how he might please his dear lovely wifey. So he plotted and planned
for several days, and discussed it with his four charming Southern girlies who
nothing short of adored their dear old — er, young — daddy. And thus, they agreed
the kitchen would be green on the day before sweet mother-lady’s birthday.

Dentist appointments wrecked the handsome father-man’s plans, and
that is how it came to be that the sister and I donned raggedy worky clothes
and went to town on the tile and whatever the heck it was that kept the stuff up
there in the first place.

Ain’t she cute? I love her muchly, she’s my little partner in crime.
If it’s something you can’t handle flying solo, all you have to do is holler
for our sweet, and tough little Laney.

But the tumbly-rumbly fellas were not to be left out! After all, who
wanted to play video games and build Lego castles all afternoon when they
could be chip in and help pull Momma’s birthday surprise together?
The furniture had to be moved, but the boys and daddy
had the whole thing all situated and all that dandy stuff.
It was a long-ish, all day project but we all worked together
to get the job done!
See? I told you it was quite a task … Laney’s rolling the braided
rug and pushing that heavy old thing out of the way.

Pardon my expression. I was feeling a little overwhelmed this
particular point in time. The girl was hoping to be frugal and ever-so-carefully
remove lettering off the wall and it wasn’t happening so very well.

My handsome father-man patching some of them un-loverly holes and
dents we put in the wall over the years. We shall cross our fingers from here
and pray we are more living around the walls when we get the notion to
move furniture n’ things. * winks *
And as for the finished project, the girl has yet to take pictures of that, but they shall pop around here sometime soon. Of this, I am almost positive. But the kitchen is now a smooth, wondrous shade of green and we all just love it immensely and so forth. * happy sigh *