As I was doing school work tonight, I was studying a particular section from the mid 1200’s where the Christian’s and anyone not following the Catholic church endured great persecution and torture. And it got me thinking, the one’s that are greatest remembered for the Faith are the ones that died for it! The ones that didn’t give in or deny the Lord …

We don’t even come close to suffering the way they did in our world today, but yet we are perfectly content at times to sit and just be comfortable! Why? It hit me then, that we have become lazy in our walk and relationship with God. It’s not merely a personal relationship between Christ and myself.

The world should be able to see Christ in me! And yet, there is nothing spectacular about me that others would think to themselves she must walk very close to the Lord. How convicting!

I’m doing just enough to get by, struggling to do a long to-do list of things that won’t even matter someday. I need to be making a positive difference, going that extra mile to be the best I can be. And no, I don’t plan on it happening overnight. In fact, every day is a struggle that I have to commit to God from the time I get up in the morning, to the time I go to bed. It never ends.

I was talking to my Aunt about running yesterday. It’s this fantastic goal I have in mind for myself but following through is a little more challenging than just thinking about it. She said to pace myself, set new goals each time, get a little stronger, build my endurance, dont give up when I want to quit …

The Christian life is so very similar! Some days are better for us than others, yes? And the tougher days are when we get discouraged and feel like maybe it’s not worth fighting for, but sticking it out and seeing it through is what builds our endurance to Satan’s attacks and the different challenges we’re facing on a daily basis.

What a HUGE Blessing it is to start fresh and clean every day, to accept the challenge to live the day out for the Lord from beginning to end; to go to sleep and wake up to start the whole growing process again! * smiles *