Apparently, the apple isn’t falling far from the tree these days …
  I was watching the news this afternoon and couldn’t help cracking up when I heard about this inebriated moose in Gothenburg, Sweden. It lost it’s balance when he was trying to reach the apples that had fermented on the ground.

 While waiting for the local firefighters to arrive, several people from the neighborhood began to saw away branches, hoping to free the animal. Finally, they were able to bend the tree over enough to let the Moose go. But the thing that gets me is that drunken moose are pretty common in the Fall around Sweden.               The apples start falling off the trees and it’s like a royal free-for-all, and the Moose seem to be real big fans …    

 Can you imagine walking outside and finding a moose staggering around your backyard with a hangover, of all things? * winks *
So I was telling my mom about it, because sometimes I think she might appreciate the girl’s odd sense of humor. She laughed and said, “Life goes on!” And then I smiled to myself and thought, “Yep, it sure does.”
Regardless of what the Lord sends our way, He’s always sending something to make us smile and remember little things. How amazing is that, hmm? … even if it was a drunk moose.