So really, we must discuss this babysitting business. I’m organizing my room — changing out Summer for Fall — and contemplating why random songs and catchy new tunes keep running through my brain. The girl decided she felt kind of idiotic, so she thought she might sing a song that she knew … only it came out “Shake off those lags, Razarus” instead.

I sighed. “Argh. I don’t know what my problem is tonight.”

Hah! You DO know problem is singular and it isn’t just tonight?” Kenna grinned wickedly from where she was playing the Wii. I wrinkled my nose in disgust, then laughed. “I know what it is! Kenna, I’ve been around kids too much lately! VT makes up her own songs all the time and Joshy is always humming. Hmm, my goodness.” * smiles *

Secondly, I was going to attempt to express a lot of thankfulness for the way God has been showing himself to me. But somehow, I can’t. Except maybe to say that He is so very good. And really, that hardly does justice. The fact that thanks to a lot of wonderful friends, half of Bacon Hollow is praying for my Mommy makes me smile. As well as so many others! I want you to know we covet each every prayer, and are so thankful for the many friends we have.

We got a considerable amount of rain in the past three days, I keep looking outside to see if the animals had begun pairing up yet. No worries, they haven’t. * winks *

Have you any idea the fun it is to keep three tinies occupied on a rainy day? Dressing them up in rain boots and colorful slick jackets and keeping them on the porch is quite the job in and of itself. But we went hunting for moths | watched the rain drops and they road tricycles. I have so much fun babysitting them, and keeping up with them as they run from one end of the house to the next.

~ See, isn’t it a pretty one? We pet it with one finger and the kids thought
it was the neatest little thing. ~

The baby will be sleeping, VT will need a diaper change and FT is banging with blocks down the hall in the playroom calling my name. One is potty training, the second one wants to be like her big sissy and constantly runs to the bathroom just to wash her chubby little hands. She splashes water and giggles, her blue eyes sparkling in delight and I stand there laughing because she’s so adorable.

Then, I suddenly remember I am in charge here. I’m responsible — at least for this particular part of the day — that they walk right | talk right | do right | learn and grow. So I lean down, turn the faucet off and dry Izzy’s hands. She thinks its so much fun, so I encourage her and tell her she’s doing a good job.

I’ve reminded them to have good attitudes | to share with each other | not scream or hit. They are wonderful kids and I love them! And its a sad day when the clock strikes and the babysitter must pack up her fun things and leave. They cry and run to me and throw their arms around my legs trying to keep me there. But! We make leaving fun … they climb up on the porch railing and wave to me until I am out of sight, shouting “Doo bye, Miss Brikney. Doo bye!”

(They still have not mastered my name, but its just about the most adorable thing.)

And they just love that. * smiles *