So as of half an hour ago, the girl has discovered the downside of online classes. All week I’ve been watching hours of lectures, taking the necessary notes and semi-dreading the first official quiz. It’s the same old story right? I’ve yet to meet a person who enjoys studying for that first quiz — not knowing what to expect. After that, of course, the world can breathe a sigh of relief. * Winks *

Tonight, I finished the last of my lessons and finally, I was ready to kick it in high gear and just knock that stuff out. I settled down at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee. Five minutes later, I was logged into my student account, and waiting …

The site was temporarily unavailable. It was down, due to … storms? To what?

I don’t know. But suddenly, I felt a great wave of disappointment. I had studied for that crazy thing and just as I had resigned myself to the fact that all would be well, it was a no-go. I thought to myself, How in the world? This isn’t going super smooth …

So, the girl shall wait for tomorrow. Probably lie there in bed half the night recalling lectures and making mental notes in my head till I can’t hold my eyes open another minute longer. Sounds like lots of fun, yes?

Besides all that, I had a fantastic day today!