I’m sitting at the kitchen table, music filtering through my headphones and the smell of warm Cinnamon Raisin biscuits surrounding me. It was my first attempt at a semi-organic recipe using what we had in the pantry. I got the recipe from Mercedes who happens to be a very awesome cook — the only roadblock is most of it is organic and when she gives me recipes she has to convert it to things we use instead.

They were really yummy for the most part, but they weren’t as sweet as I expected them to be. I blame this entirely on my sugar substitute and the fact that we used regular milk in place of coconut milk and butter instead of Palm Oil. For instance, I had no idea there was any such oil as Palm Oil, but when Mercedes made them, they were soft lumpy mounds of cinnamon, raisin-ey goodness with orange zest icing that makes my mouth water just thinking about it really.

 Joshy pulled one of them apart, with the cinnamon steam rolling out between his little fingers, and took a bite. He chewed it for a second, smiling with his eyes closed. “Mmm, Brit. These are good …” he said, “But one thing, organic isn’t as sweet so I’m gonna have to make ’em like a winter wonderland.”

I leaned over the counter, watching him as he sprinkled liberal amounts of white sugar across the golden top of his biscuit with little raisins poking out here and there. “Josh! That’s too much sugar, baby.”

No, Brit.” He grinned up at me — with dimples that silently beg for my sympathy, my permission for whatever he wants. “It’s like snow on my raisin mountain, see?”

Well, after that I was a goner of course. And the kids liked my biscuits with the orange icing, but I promised myself to tweak the recipe next time or seriously, just go get my missing ingredients from Whole Foods or someplace. * smiles *