I like being just as healthy as the next girl really, unless of course it infringes upon my general enjoyment of life. For instance, I have a strong dislike for doctors | dentists | machines that tend to be overly invasive and tiny metal picks that make the most horrid Eeek-plunk noises against one’s teeth as they lie there in the super comfy leather dentist chair with all manner of bright lights and odd masked faces above.

By now, you must be realizing that this is real life on the home front here, as in it having happened only yesterday morning! Early actually. Well I suppose 10:30 isn’t really early but for something I dread, it is never really a real good time in the girl’s little book of preferences. * winks *

The only real thing I hate about the Dentist is how they just think you do a rocking job | tell you to keep up the good work and then ask if you happen to floss. To which, I usually say no without too much shame. I’m lazy like that, okay? And then they turn all end-of-the-world and give you a long speech on the long term benefits of pulling string through one’s mouth when the sun is shining and when it isn’t. Do I get points for being honest? Well anyways …

Thus, the girl is again flossing. Like you were very concerned, right? I know. But I have a feeling it will be like a new year’s resolution … as in the kind that sticks around for a short time. Ugh, confounded.

So I make amends to my siblings for a long morning in the dentist office by taking them out for an emergency Fun day out on the town. Because really, there’s nothing like brightening up a dull morning with crazy good diner food from Red Robin — which enthralled the munchkins to no possible end — walking around the Mall, window shopping, playing video games and eating chocolate Frosty’s on the way home — which Sissy also had a coupon for. * Yay, coupons! *

But what cracked me up, and really baffled me, reminding me boys are of an altogether different design in their general thought process … is when Sammy asked for a Vanilla Frosty. After having worked at Chick-fil-A for a long while, I feel the drive-thru pain of indecisive customers so I just ordered without asking any questions.

As we were driving home, with the rain pounding down in buckets, I asked Sammy why he got Vanilla and not chocolate. He licked the ice cream off his spoon with a little sniffle and said, “Well … because I was sad. I always get Vanilla when I’m sad, and Chocolate when I’m happy.”

This cracked me up so bad. Because in my feminine mind, when I’m sad I will most likely tear the world apart for cinnamon or chocolate to brighten my little world. NOT make myself twice as miserable by eating something I barely enjoy when I’m already feeling low. I shake my head, because it just baffles me.

 * smiles *