Would you care to know how semi-difficult it is to type on an umfamiliar keyboard with little rubber covers on it? I’m sitting here at a little cafe nook in the corner of ACAC waiting for my momma to finish up at the gym, and in the meantime I’m using their computer. The one day I forget to bring my computer with me, so I was thrilled to find that I had something to do with my time.

I’m a people watcher. I form opinions after having watched people for any certain period of time. And today is NO exception. For this, I know I am an awfully wicked person.

Because, as I’m sitting here watching people all around me it’s cracking me up! The girl is all relaxed at the computer bar typing away on the rubber covered keys and probably the only one freezing in the whole building. There are a row of older men walking on treadmills holding on for dear life | a middle aged lady with a really cute bob dancing to music from her earbuds, teenage girls in skany shorts sweating up a storm and gymn trainers in shorts and polos walking the floor.

But what really gets me is listening to people behind me. As I’m sitting here, just adjacent to the snack shop, there were a handful of people who have come to reward their efforts and soothe their hunger pains. Luckily for them, its all healthy for the most part so they cant go wrong. Pizza is just down the street, but all these people are making such awesome food choices for the moment and this makes me smile. It’s just so different to hear people asking for chocolate protein shakes. When I think protein, I don’t think chocolate. * winks *

The smell of the pool is absolutely killing me though, the girl is dying to dive into the refreshing waters and waste away an afternoon. But for now, I’ll just stick to the computer … bummer. lol

Okay, I’m done people watching. I’m just jealous maybe. * winks *