I’m sitting here on the chair and a half, listening to randomness from the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack. I have yet to determine my opinion of the movie itself, but I found the soundtrack at the library this afternoon and thought I’d give it a go.

Yesterday we took our time cleaning two houses. Two houses never took so long to clean, I’m sure of this. But they looked crazy good by the time we walked out. You’d think I’d had enough Japanese for awhile having had it Wednesday with my grandma, but don’t forget I raved over the stuff! So … the girls and I went to the Mall and had Japanese for lunch. Do you have any idea how much fun it is to sit in the middle of the Food Court and watch all sorts of people while you eat? Pretty entertaining. * smiles *

Then we went to have a little look-see around the mall, because really if you’re already there you should probably look around. Especially if you rarely make it into town anymore these days and forget what large crowds of humans look like, the way your heart drops when you look at a price tag or the ridiculous urge one gets to comment over the uniqueness of people’s get-up (chains hang low, pants fall down, etc).

So we passed Motherhood Maternity a time or two before I peeked in the window and saw all manner of clearance signs, etc and had a very brilliant idea. One of my friends at church is expecting — and she also happens to be my Secret Sister — so it suddenly occurred to me “How insanely awesome would it be to get her something adorable and mommy-ish?”

After browsing the store for a good 10 minutes until I felt I’d flipped through every article of cuteness there was, and politely declining a fitting room to which the girls were all grins and snickers, I found The. Perfect. Dress. EVER! She’s really going to LOVE it! * squeal. *

And today? Well today we had two houses but finished in a ridiculous amount of town just because. And they were small, and not hard at all. Like I said, I’m pretty much a creature of habit but on a rare occasion I really do get tired of normal things I eat — like Subway or Pizza or even Chinese. We were over by the lake today and passed Dunkin Donuts. Don’t have a heart attack, don’t even smirk … I’m sure you see where this is goin and really, donuts for lunch is a crazy idea but they were incredibly good.

I’ve NEVER in my life had a donut for lunch, and I wouldn’t even do it everyday but today … it was just so good. * smiles *