Today was a pretty awesome day from beginning to end. Like from 7am to midnight. And yeah, I haven’t gotten to midnight yet but who doesn’t love turning into a pumpkin? Just kidding …

I drove to town with my Momma, and cleaned two houses with my grandma while she went to the gymn. Thankfully, it wasn’t too crazy hot because all the people were out of town and had jacked the air way up so it was a bit on the toasty-ish side. Ugh.

Oh and in between our amazing lunch of Japanese food  * happy sighs here * I drank an Iced Coffee which was almost like going to hmm … Heaven? and back. I don’t really know, but it was pretty awesome! So back to the Japanese. We are real creatures of habit — we go to the Dragon Lady every Tuesday or Wednesday. It’s not fancy or anything, just a little hole in the wall Chinese restaurant by the University where the food rocks and the prices are pretty much pocket change. But today we wanted something a little different, and seeing as how we were on the other side of town anyways, we went to the mall for Japanese.

Side note: It was awesome, right down to the veggies which I could eat almost everyday without getting sick. And just for the record, it’s a lot lighter than regular Chinese food. I’m guessing ’cause it gets cooked right on the spot in like 3 minutes and the veggies are fresh, etc? Idk. I’m no expert. * smiles *

On the way home, I discovered that Momma had bought a bag of cherries. Really, I had no idea I was so in love with cherries until just last Fall. And now, they are a healthy weakness for me. I crave them like a preggo lady craves pickles & ice cream: like when I want them, I really truly must find some!! It’s really altogether horrible.

So I ate 15-11 cherries and thought I’d die of a stomach ache if I didn’t soon stop, so finally I did. And still I craved them. Go figure … God did a real fine thing when he made cherries.

Then tonight at church, I got a bag from my Secret Sister with a very adorable | crazy practical | so ME! sort of thing. I drink water all the time, so I’ve usually got a bottle with me. She gave me the cutest polka-dotted Retro-y cup with one of my favorite verses on it.

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.” Psalm 100:1

That’s pretty much my day, and if I were given the choice, I’d definitely enjoy another time around!