As typical conversations go in our house, Mckenna and Joshua were talking.

Mckenna is coaxing Josh to go upstairs and get ready for bed. He’s protesting which is pretty much an unusual thing for my little munchkin.

Mckenna: “Nobody’s gonna break in, it’s the top level. There aren’t even any doors.”

Joshua, in a very perturbed manner replies: “Mckenna. There’s windows, duhhhh.”

Mckenna: “Haha! Joshua, the only way they could get up there is with a ladder. And we’d hear them if they tried to do that.”

Joshua: “They could with a whip.”

Mckenna: “A whip?? Josh! This isn’t like Indiana Jones!!!”

Joshua: “You’d be surprised with all the idiots out there these days …”

And after hearing this, I died. I really and truly died right there on the spot because really, he says the funniest things sometimes. They’re never planned or even expected. But he’s always cracking his big sister up. And most times, he’s so very serious about it.

So … if everyday life was like Indiana Jones, people would break into houses swinging down from the roof on bull-whips and all manner of exciting stuff like that. Can you imagine? * winks *