You look like a hippie.”

I know, isn’t it great?” I say, watching my sister finger the long yellow strings of my hippie-like striped top. We’re laying sideways across my bed, listening to random mixes of slow Jazz and an occasional classic. We’re wasting away our ridiculously HOT Saturday afternoon, watching as the sky plays tricks with our mind as it suddenly gets cloudy and winds begin to turn the leaves of our trees upward.

I think it might rain.” I hope it rains …

As I said, it’s been ridiculously hot this week. The thing I have yet to understand is this thing they call heat index vs. the actual temperatures, they never seem to agree. Weather man says “High nineties tomorrow, but it’ll feel like 112.” Really? I’d rather just compare heat index with folks, tell it like it is ya know? Rather than saying “Man! It’s hot out today, feels like 105 but lucky for us its only 93.”

Hah! The girl thinks not.

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, and as I’m laying here John-Boy has gotten inside my head so much so that I can’t sleep. I close my eyes and the words just roll around my head, spinning themselves into something altogether lovely. Words that make beautiful stories, words that make lovely songs. All inside my head, and I’m watching them with my eyes closed.

I credit some of these words to the inspiration I felt walking downtown Scotty, in and around pieces of Antique furniture. There’s something about digging through shelves of colorful glass things and people’s old junk. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, and in this case, it was my treasure.

If I had an empty room and a fistful of dollars, I would’ve bought a beat up old farm table, a squeaky rocking chair, 3 aqua mason jars with shaded silver lids and a magnificent French style bookshelf thingy — that I’ve yet to determine exactly it’s purpose but fell in love with despite this fact. * smiles *

But a pocket full of change and a crowded little bedroom are all I’ve got for now, so I snatched up two of the most amazing signs my heart ever fell in love with. All in all, it was an awesome little adventure and definitely worth the hour we spent sweating up a storm digging through all that good stuff!

Apparently, the sky wasn’t playing games with my mind either. I was standing in the yard a little bit ago in between paragraphs and the skies broke loose with a crackle of thunder, a burst of lighting and an abundance of rain. My heart smiles from the inside out.

My signs. Aren’t they awesome?!