This week? Mucho Craziness.

I can’t tell you how many twists and turns the past five days of my life has had; some very unexpected. But I’m sitting here in my PJs in the middle of the day, Michael Buble pumping through my headphones and just letting it run deep into my soul like something good. Music … ah, music has healing powers. * smiles *

Thursday found me sitting cross legged in a waiting room full of old people giving me funny looks, which I ignored as I flipped mindlessly through a Parenting Magazine. I found this kind of ironic, since the OBGYN office was about a 1/2 a mile up the road. I didn’t really see the point of having Mommy Magazines in the Cardio-Vascular center, but it was more interesting than people watching for once.

Thirty minutes later, my brain was racing to decipher just what the doctor was saying. He was super nice, which won him points. We could overlook the fact that I couldn’t understand half of what he was saying, but I hear Indian people make super-terrific doctors so yeah, we overlook the fact that I had to work twice as hard at the whole comprehension thing. * winks *

An hour later, a nurse was hooking me up to a heart monitor. Aka my nemesis for the next two weeks, the delight of friends watching me “Eww! Oww. Gosh. Golly!” my way through the last week. She pulled this little booklet out and started explaining how it worked. I smiled up at her and said, “Yeah? It’s just like the last one almost.”

Secretly, I’m a pro at working these things now. It’s all in a days work, ya’ll. Stick it on, listen to it beep every other minute or so and holler bloody murder when you pull the little stickers off. * smiles *

My coworkers are suddenly big fans of randomly poking me in my side and then freaking out when they accidently pull one of the cords. This has been the source of many many  laughs in the past two days. Yeah, Carolyn? Haha.

The biggest thing I’ve come away from this week is, friends are super important. They love and encourage you and help you through all your most dificult days. But more importantly, YOU have to be there for THEM when their life has suddenly turned upside down and they don’t know where else to turn.

In so saying, I’ve got some of the best God ever made! * much love & hugs *

On a side note, the world might end tonight. Did you hear that? I wouldn’t do much of anything different, but it’s made me think about it quite alot. Because of that, Mackenzie and I discussed Theology and end times last night for a good little while at work. It was a pretty amazing conversation. Mackenzie and I are Baptist and Charles is Non-Denominational so it was really interesting to discuss our views and beliefs.

The guys wanted to go to Keglers after work, drink sodas randomly and bowl our fingers off which I might have done if the world was gonna end. But the family was waiting up and as much as people are totally freaking out about this whole thing, I’m pretty confident time will keep ticking for awhile. * smiles *