“The world may change every day, but don’t ever let
the world change who you are inside.”
— A.S.
“Cheer up. You’re too stressed to be blessed.
Wait! That’s not what I meant.”
— Adrienne
… about everything.
— M.D.
“Bep, I pretty much love you.”
— Joshy Woshy
“You’re a trip, okay?”
— M. Karr
“Idiot. Why do you say things like that?!”
— The college bound boy
“Let’s cram into the car and have a good cry, you guys!”
— Mackenzie
“God is not deaf, and his arms are never short.”
— Kwon
“You WERE my friend, but I just don’t know.”
— Carolyn
“Will you eskimo kiss me when you
get married, baby?”
— The lady who loves me just cuz.
“There’s a wild side to you. I know there is!”
— The world’s most amazing boss.
“You forgot the outside trash, genius.
Are you serious?!!”
— Gribble
“You’re dumb. I’m just faking it; I gotta fit in with this family.”
— Kenna
“Take a deep breath, and just relax … ”
— A.S.
“You got jokes. Yeah, you got jokes.” 
— Devante
“Oh, is that right?”
“Don’t make me hurt you!”
— J. Brown
“We’re stronger here together, than we could ever be alone.”
— Buble
“You make me smile. Just smile … yeah.”

“You sound like a bomb about to go off, with
that heart monitor beeping like that.”
— Lana

* There’s a lot more, maybe I’ll post them someday. *
— smiles