I’m sitting in the breakroom at work, typing as fast as my little fingers will allow. I’ve got a lot of places I’ ve got to be. Or rather, one place to be and a lot of thins to do! I’m just tired, and didn’t feel like driving anywhere just yet. Can you imagine that?
So I brought my computer with me, in hopes of getting some of my school work done via our NEW! WiFi which I actually haven’t used until just now. But as luck would have it, all my school passwords and access codes just happen to be at home. A lot of good that’s doing me, yes? * winks *

Anyways, it’s been a pretty good day. Better than I had expected considering … and we did 112 cars today for lunch. I was thrilled beyond words, because I didn’t really think we were going to do so hot. By 12:45 I still hadn’t felt that crazy throbbing in my head like I sometimes do when we’re insanely slammed in drive-thru so I was thinking, “Yeah, this isn’t going to happen today. Not even close to 120.”

The moment I walked in this morning, Billy started talking big about bringing in 120 cars and all that Billy-Billy nonsense that you’ve just gotta love. I grinned and said, “Don’t stress me, Billy-Billy. My numbers are gonna drop if you psych me out there.”

Robyn checked numbers at 12:27 and we’d already done 47 cars. We looked at each other and laughed, we figured we were pretty much rocking it out to a tune our Billy was gonna love. Yeah … * smiles *

And everybody had a lot of fun in drive-thru this afternoon when all the craziness died down, too. It was pretty much fantastic. Especially because the guys in the back are forever dyin’ of thirst and asking us to get them something to drink, so … when Aaron asked for a drink like 2 minutes after we’d already given him one, I waited until he wasn’t looking and then handed him an unsweet tea.

Sidenote, he HATES | loathes | despises Unsweet Tea — I mean, there’s not really anything to it anyway.

So I waited until he went to drink it, caught the look on his face then busted out laughing when Rico said, “Oh no man! FRONT crew, ya’ll in trouble. This aint goin’ down real good.”

He came back with this crazy disgusted look on his face and told us we’d be sorry. Funny, I’m still not sorry and yeah, I’m still cracking up when I’m on headset and somebody orders an unsweet tea. * winks *

Anyways, I’m off to church for like the first time in a month. It’s been crazy, but I’m glad I finally get to make it. * smiles *