So I can tell I’ve been missed, but life’s had one too many many distractions for me of late. * smiles *

  • Joshua lost his first baby tooth and this makes me kind of happy | kind of sad. My baby’s growing up, I feel like I’m repeating myself a little here … but * sniff *  Btw, he really does look adorable though whenever he gives me one of those dimpled smiles and there’s something missing up front.

  • I’ve been sick a lot lately with my heart stuff which hasn’t been real fun. Wednesday was particularly rough, but I’ve got a lot of Chick-fil-A Moms that are the absolute best. So Robyn got me on break, made me eat something and wind down for a good while. That helped alot, and so did Kwon coming back there and giving me a big hug and praying with me in Korean. It was beautiful and comforting, if that makes any sense at all. * smiles *

  • That day, I dropped a record of three shakes and thought to myself “You’ve seriously got to be kidding me.” haha.
  • On a side-note, I’ve almost hit 50-11 deer so far this week. Some dark night soon, one of us is gonna wind up pretty unlucky if you know I’m saying. * winks *
  • One of my bestest walked across the platform and received her college diploma last night. I missed it which made me really sad and kinda bummed to the lowest degree. I should’ve been there, but as things worked out — or didn’t really — I couldn’t make it. But I’m still just as proud of her from a whole other state away! This is definitely no lie.

  • Picked Peter up on the way to Piano this morning, so we’ve got everything set up with his amazing help! It’s coming together pretty nicely, now we just cross our fingers and hope the wind doesn’t do something we’re not going to be appreciative of come Sunday morning, yes?

  • Still though, I’m at such a loss without my other organizing | smartical idea giving | thinking aloud partner in crime. Caleb’s all grown up and working hard and well … growing up stinks sometimes. Means we see alot less of all our bestest buddies and only imagine the days when we can all get together again and do something fun like sit around the church all afternoon drinking milkshakes and play guitar. Oh yes, and have lemon drop fights in the parking lot. People pass by and think the devil’s got us or something … idk, ya’ll. * winks *

  • I’m watching the minutes tick by on the clock just now and thinking, Oh my soul! The piano class isn’t going to go over so well. But the way I figured it, I owe my peoples a little something for having abandoned my blog for so very long. So when I die, I may not be the most beautimous pianist in the whole wide world — or even close to it for that matter — but you’ll have pages and pages of my life on paper to remember me for. * winks *