So, as I said yesterday was off the charts. Working 15 hours is beyond fun, it’s just incredible.

I helped my grandma yesterday morning, working off of zero caffeine. Meaning, a single drop of coffee never so much as touched my lips and this made me kind of sad. And by the time I got to town, I was pretty much starving, so I dropped by Chicky.

Billy was in the back, and waved at me over the shoot. “It’s the man! Ready to do 120 cars today, Pal?”
I laughed. “You want 120 cars, Billy Billy? You got it.”

If there’s one big thing about Billy you must know, he likes to psych me out. We did 108 last week when I was in drive-thru so he’s decided I have a new home for lunch shift. * winks *

So I told him we’d see what we could pull in this time around. He seemed pretty fine with this, so I grabbed my food and promised to be back in a few hours.

Just before 11 o’clock, I was back for work. One of my friends pulled in and looked over at me as I was switching out my flipflops for tennis shoes. I grinned, and asked if he was ready to do this. He shook his head typical Aaron style and said, “Shoot, I’ve got a feeling it’s gonna be a long one.”

Little did either of us know just what lay ahead of us. The sky was grey | droplets were falling from the sky at a slow steady pace and we hoped it would be nothing short of slow until our shift was up. We sat in the back and talked to Kwon before we had to clock in.

She’s such a riot; and loves me this I know. Aaron began telling us how a bird had flown in the back door yesterday and how he’d grabbed a nearby tray without thinking and knocked it into a bucket. Before you begin to worry about all this unsanitary happenings going on around Chick-fil-A, I’m just going to say that he threw the bird, the bucket AND the tray into the dumpster out back. * smiles *

We clocked in and thus began our insanely crazy day that would turn into a 12.5 hour shift, unbeknownst to us. On a teeny tiny sidenote here, halfway through lunch Kwon checked our numbers and discovered we’d only done 63 cars. I thought how depressing it would be not to meet our quota, so I kicked it into high gear and when Kwon came back at 1 wide-eyed and bushy tailed I knew we hadn’t done half bad.

107 cars just isn’t that bad, ya’ll. And I liked it besides.

Billy ended up asking Aaron and I to stay and close because we had several people call out last minute. I have a real hard time saying no to people when I know we’re absolutely slammed and it would make it easier on everybody if I stayed, so I agreed. You know when you get to that point in the day when all you can do is dream about your break? Yeah? Well, that’s the point I was getting to and by that time I was too tired to even think about eating. So I grabbed a big cup of tea and totally crashed in the break room. Aaron came back there and said, “Why’d we do this again?”

I rolled my eyes, shook my head and then we both started cracking up. “I don’t know. We’re just dependable people, I guess?”

It didn’t end up being such a bad night, once all the guys in the back downed two cases of Redbull and kept cracking everybody up. Becca put me in dining room, so whenever I went back there it always cheered me up lickety-split.

And we won’t even mention me smacking Carolyn when she was honest-to-goodness taking an order on headset. * oh bunches of smiles * And I’m still not sorry … haha!

We got out at an ungodly hour WAY after 11, but I had so much fun doing dining room and then closing dishes with Patty. I hadn’t done that in a real long time, but I loved it. Covered in soap suds up to my elbows and pretty much soaked …. pretty amazing stuff, those soap bubbles.  * winks *