Everybody & their brother havin’ a fantastic time fallin’ all over
everybody else … losin’ shoes | and whatnot.

My bestest Easter Surprise ~ Dorothy!
She walked around the corner after I finished teaching my Sunday
School class and I thought, “Lordy, Lordy! I love you, lady.”
And thus, my hands took to shakin’ somethin’ incredible and my heart
began to beat crazy wild the moment I wrapped my arms around her with a
squeal of absolute wonder and delight. * smiles *
We played Pool all afternoon which is after all, far too much pool for any
two decent girls to be playing on a Sunday afternoon, you know?
And we laughed alot. Pretty much drove the world face-slapping crazy with
all of our antics | silliness and such. But my, my what a wonderful time we had.

My super amazing brother who truly | secretly adores me and my kisses.
It just so happens I’m the best little brother kisser in the whole wide world
and he’s pretty much aware of this lucky little fact.
He cheeses, but I love.
Oh yeah, there we goes.
* winks *
And the best two parents any girl could ever dream | or think of having.
Lucky for me, they’re both pretty amazing and on most days …
well put simply: it’s genetic.
So there you have it, ya’ll. My Easter wrapped up in a teeny chocolate bunny just the way
you adore it. All in all, it was a lovely day and I’d do it over again and again in a heart beat.
P.S. I’m back from my blogging vacation. Tell me this makes you happy!
* smiles *