Hmm. To capture everything in a nutshell, I have to think about this for just a moment. * smiles *

Amanda put me in dining room, and I totally loved it! With the small exception of not ten minutes of being out there, I caught the end of my finger on a piece of trim and it bled for a considerably long time. Like no finger really should, to be quite honest …

I think I should just chalk that up as my mishap for the day. lol jk

We had a pretty bad storm in Charly today, so Chicky wasn’t too terribly busy. Amanda ended up sending Victoria out to help around 8 o’clock which ended up being a lot of fun. Thirty minutes later, we decide our trash really should be taken out; it’s only piling up all over God’s creation back there. So we grab the big rolling cart loaded with unbelievable amounts of trash, and head out to the big dumpsters.

One thing you have to know is, I’m 5’2 — sometimes 5’3, on a good day — and Tory is almost my height but a little shorter. It was an absolute blast doing trash. I lost count of just how many times we tried … and failed, epically. It was pretty sad, but we were cracking up so bad | moaning and groaning trying to toss those bags over the dumpster, it was quite hilarious. * winks *

And while I can’t say taking trash in the rain is one of my absolute favorite things in the world, it isn’t too bad. But Catarino’s trash — chicken trash that weighs a zillion and 5 lbs — is waaaaay too heavy to just chuck over a dumpster of ANY size. So what did we do? Just about the only thing we could think to do … I climbed on top of the smaller | normal people sized dumpster and half dragged the bag with me, while Victoria pushed.

I know you’re trying to picture this [ and probably smiling a little bit too ] but you’ve no idea the sight we made. I only slipped off twice before we succeeded. Let me tell you, our victory was wet, but pretty sweet. We double high-fived and that made the world seem like a better place. * laughing muchly *

— Don’t ask if climbing on the dumpster was my idea. You already know. 

Victoria and I had dining room all ship-shape within an hour or so. We were pretty much proud of ourselves … and then, just as we were going to close our last section, a bunch of people piled in like they were ready to party it up. I looked at the clock. I looked at Victoria. We sighed, and thought of a lot of nice things to say.

Instead of saying all the nice words in my head, I headed out to the Play Area which is fastly becoming my friend. Sort of. * winks *

When cleaning above mentioned Play Area, I sometimes want to just curl up in a corner and go to sleep. It’s the quietest, most relaxing place after 8 o’clock comes around and all the kiddos go home for the night. Yeah, I guess that’s pretty crazy.

Somehow we ended up getting out super late. Probably on account of us stocking everything to the absolute 9’s and everything else being sparkly clean. * smiles *

All I have to say is, that it almost — but not quite — breaks my heart to hear them say “Good Morning” on the radio as I’m driving home from work. That means it’s crazy late and I’ve still got bunches of stuff awaiting me. Happy Birthday. Lol

Whale, that’s about all I’ve got for a day & a night, ya’ll.
Any more, any less would be twice as random and probably put you
to sleep. * smiles *
Good Night.