Tonight, I thought long and hard. It was kind of epic, because I realized a lot of things I never gave much thought to before now. I’m still pretty much undecided as to what I’ll do. * smiles *

I basically killed every possible opportunity of having the awesome privilege to stand in line for an eternity outside Khor Brothers Ice Cream for 5 cent cone day. And that really made me incredibly sad, because … I wanted ICE CREAM FOR 5 CENTS! Now I have to wait until next year. Bah-humbug, ya’ll.

  • Note: If I wasn’t extremely paranoid over the fact I would quite possibly be late for work, I SO could have had that ice cream. But alas, I AM paranoid. * winks *

Inspite of all of the above, I had a pretty nice day with my lovely | and adorable sisters. We cleaned three houses, and while we didn’t exactly set any records, we still had fun.

Best thing I heard all day: “Ah. You got jokes.” This came from Devante, and made me smile. Not to mention the fact it came just when the work day was all crazy hectic and nobody could figure out just where everyone else should be. You’ve really got to love when all your peoples want to help EVERYBODY all at the same time! It’s insanity, but after all … it IS the thought that truly counts. * smiles *

Brent called me to the back tonight so we could talk, I thought “Oh no! What have I done?” But then it turned out to be pretty swell because all he wanted to know was if I thought I’d be okey dokey in dining room, and I looked at him and said very seriously “Well, I’d love you for a day.” He laughed, and said, “So if I put you anywhere you’ll just be hating the rest of the night, hmm?” I nodded with a grin, “Basically.”

So he was fantastic and stuck me in dining room which according to Miss Muscles, I didn’t do half bad in. * winks *

  • P.S. Since I know you’re reading this, oh lady with the hefty muscles | warm hugs | and contagious smiles, you stock mints. And you don’t just stock ’em either, you make me smile. Mwahahaha!

While I’m closing one of the sections in dining room, this guy sets his stuff down right on the table I’m in the middle of moving. I just wanted to ask, “Are you serious?” And a second guy sits down at the table next to that one, totally ignoring the fact I’m mopping and says, “Dude. These floors are like … wet.” I thought to myself, “You missed the Wet Floor sign, Capernicus.”

Gribbles ended up coming out and helping me close dining room. He claims he’s too big and old, etc to clean the playground, so I was sweet enough to climb up there and do it for him. * winks * He scared me silly, when he knocked the bottom of the tunnel and caused the whole thing to shake. I’m starting to think he makes me holler just for kicks.

After that, he tried to drown me in the bathroom. He’s a big believer in totally soaking the floor, on account of it taking less time to spread the water out or something … I never really understand the method to this madness. I just hold on for dear life and scout out a squeegee. * winks *

I’m leaving out something totally incredible, I’m sure. But chances are, I’ll remember it tomorrow. For now, I’m off to bed. Because after all, sleep is just a very good thing! * smiles *