Obviously, people are getting their weekend on a bit early these days. Because right after that guy left, another one only very much older stumbled through the door. And I really mean stumbled, because he was stoned. I was cleaning dining room when I heard him hollering outside the ladies bathroom door.

I went to see what the problem was, and he told me the door had the wrong sign on it. I’m never terribly thrilled when drunk people come in as it is, so all I said was “Of course sir, it’s the wrong one. The men’s bathroom is right behind you, see?”

I kind of smiled and then left him to fend for himself. He came back out mumbling something I couldn’t understand and ended up hanging around the front counter for awhile. So I let him become Jake’s problem, ’cause I just didn’t have the patience for it anymore.

Gribble accidently slammed my hand in the big back door when we were taking out trash, so now it’s all swollen and blue-ish. But he DID stay later to help me take trash which I don’t find entirely fascinating, so I can’t really say much. * smiles *

Then on my way home, I had just turned out of Court Square when a woman ran out in front of my car. The light in front of me was red, so I had already slowed down considerably. But still, if she hadn’t been so drunk she might have realized that there was a 95% chance of becoming road kill.

The doors were locked — because I have a phobia about that, it’s right up there with being late — but my sunroof was open. She walked to the left side of my car and said, “Scuse me, sweetheart. Can you give me a ride?

I politely told her I couldn’t, even though she then said she’d pay me for my trouble. I told her I wasn’t allowed, but would be more than happy to call someone for her. She started to sob like I’m pretty sure only drunk people can do, and said “But honeeeeeee, I haven’t got no moneeee for a taxi …. or nothin’. nothin’ much.

Funny. I thought she said she could pay me?

Anyways, I offered to call a friend or family member for her and she said “Oh no. If it’s the police, no thank you. Ima go find me somebody else.

What in the world is wrong with people these days? Fridays and Saturdays I expect this sort of thing, but really? A Thursday? I’m gonna just chalk this one up to it being fantastic weather outside, and all that good sounding stuff. * smiles *

So anyways, that’s my day in something other than a nutshell. * winks *

Happy Weekending!