Favorite Quote of the Night: “My Jake muscles are hurting.”

Jake, who is 16 and pretty much always has something fun to say, kept cracking us up tonight. So finally, I told him he had to be serious because he was making my stomach hurt. He looked at me and said, “Brittany. You always tell me to get my Happy on.” To which, Elaine turned around from headset with a cute smile and said, “Are your Jake muscles hurting?” That made me laugh, and thus became my favorite quote of the night. * smiles *

We had a couple come through drive-thru. Billy made the milkshakes for the order, one with toppings and one without just like the screen read. When I handed them out at the window, the woman informed me that she didn’t want toppings on hers either and that we needed to fix it. I asked her if she minded if we just removed the toppings, because most people never mind. She leaned over her husband and said, “No! I told you I didn’t want toppings and you need to do somethin’ about it.”

I quickly apologized and told her I’d take care of it. Its really crazy but I wanted to crack up when she stopped me and said, “No! Fix it now.” And I thought to myself, “Yeah lady, I was actually gonna make it tomorrow.” Duh.

So I make the milkshake lickety-split — probably set a personal record. I hand the milkshake out the window, still smiling. The next thing I know this little white package is flying through the car and straight at me, and the woman is leaning over her tiny husband telling me she wanted it on a wheat bun and what was my problem?

The woman has obviously not worked fast food before, or else she’d know I’m not running a one man show here. I hand the sandwich back to the woman explaining that I can’t take it back but I will definitely be right back with a cfa on wheat. She left me with a few lovely choice words and pretty much irritated the heck out of me.

Makes me sad to think I’m beginning to lose my patience with the world. But really? Food is just food, nobody’s going to die without it for a day or two so why make such a big riot over it? Then again, it IS the weekend and attitudes are definitely expected.

… As Dustin says, all the people with issues are too lazy to come inside so we get the added blessing of serving them everyday. He basically keeps drive-thru happy when I’m not, and then we reverse roles as the day progresses.

I had break the same time Catarino did, so we attempted to converse. My spanish is broken and pretty much a sad thing, so by the time I finished my supper I had been married for three years and no, I didn’t have any kids yet. I’m not entirely sure, but I’m thinking it all started with him asking about my ring which I said was a gift from my dad. I’ve yet to discover just how much English Catarino knows, but he’s certainly fun to talk to. Finally, Grant came back there and helped us out a little …

The poor guy still isn’t sure if I’m married or divorced. When I thought he was asking how long I’d been talking to my boyfriend, I said three years. Then he asked how old I was, I replied that I was twenty. He grinned and said, “Oh! Chica, married (least that’s what it sounded like) 17 years old?” I nodded my head and then suddenly shook my head. “Oh no, Catarino! I’m not married.” He said, “No Bambinos?” I laughed and said, “Uh, no. No bambinos.”

So I’m going to work on my Spanish, ya’ll. But for now, Grant and Gribble will just have to help me translate. * smiles *

P.S. Tonight, one of my friends brought their sister’s puppy to the drive-thru window. It was so cute and tiny and absolutely adorable. I have no idea, but I’m sure it’s not exactly cool to lean out the window and pet a puppy in drive-thru, but I did and it was awesome.

How in the world can you not love something this adorable?!
What I’m trying to say is, the girl has pretty much fallen in love with the
cute bundle of fluff and would very much like to have one of her very own.