I’m currently working on something like 2 hours of sleep and not doing half bad. I had the craziest time getting to sleep last night, until finally the kitty curled up next to me and then I was lost to the world. * smiles *

So my work shoes have been an on-going inward battle for me. My old ones were … yeah, we’ll leave those at the gate for when I’m like 82 and can’t walk halfways decent. Then I got some new ones that would sort of make do, because they’re pretty awesome work out shoes but I discovered that they are the number one culprit for me falling and breaking my ever-lovin’ neck on the kitchen floor at work.
Monday after sliding into the prep table, I decided enough was enough. At 5:47 this morning, I walked into Wal-Mart feeling kind of like I was the only actual customer in there and that maybe I’d really gotten lucky on account of an employee possibly leaving the door unlocked.
I grabbed the shoes I’d looked at five times already, and can you imagine my relief when a man walked up to the register after I did. I wanted to turn around and form some mutual bond like saying, “Oh wow. Sure is nice to know I’m not the only one at Wal-Mart at 5am.” But instead I just grabbed my shoes and chug-a-lugged to Chicky.

Apparently we had a few people call in this morning for unknown | and various reasons so I had to open front counter by myself, which is normally no big deal. But I just wasn’t with it, so when I went to dump the 5 gallon bucket of tea into the container I lost my grip, the bucket hit the counter — which wasn’t very far, considering I’m not terribly tall — tea splashed | sloshed all over drive thru. I was horrified | mortified and there wasn’t a single rag in sight. Dustin and I went to the shed to grab some, and ended up having to pull some off the morning truck.

Later, I overflowed a large cup of tea while taking an order on headset. And then as I was grabbing a cup of Coke Zero the nozzle plopped off into the cup and sprayed soda all over the place. Brent — who is very | VERY | very tall — looked down at me in mock seriousness, with a hint of amusement in his eye and said, “Really, Brittany? Really. Are you just having a bad day?”

I cracked up then, when I guess I should’ve been kind of bothered I had to refill the drink. So that’s how my whole day was spent. Brent poking fun at me and me poking fun at him.

We all pick on Brent, we call him the Warden, and even tease him about running Chicky like a boot camp, though he really doesn’t.
Finally he came over and told me and Kristen we should hang out because we both feel the same about him. He said, “I feel about you like you feel about me.” Kristen and I looked at each other, and said “Uh … we better work on that. Cause that’s not a whole lotta love going on there.” * laughing muchly. *