Sinful man in need of redemption,
Hopeless helpless sinner lost.
But the Alpha and Omega brought
the answer to the Cross!
And that’s where one day I found Him
Sin no longer left a stain,
To this day it is a Holy perfect plan.
God handled it all, My God fixed it all.
His plan was grace — Mercy love and grace.
It is mine, hallelujah!
To His lovely lovely name …
When I saw the beginning, I was looking at him.
I saw end; I still see the Lamb.
God Handled it ALL!
It was and Is a perfect plan — Holy perfect plan!
He saw me way back yonder in Eden,
Knew I needed saving grace
But this heart that loves him dearly.
That is what he sees today,
Throught the years I’ve found Him faithful.
I’ll keep trusting on and on.
For I know He’ll lead his Children safely home.
My God Handled It All!