Later tonight, Michael and I were cleaning the restrooms. He had been sweeping and I was doing the sink and mirror. He stepped out for a minute to grab the mop, when a woman came in rather hesitantly. I smiled at her but said nothing, figuring she hadn’t come in to socialize anyway.
Excuse me?” I turned around to find the woman standing there with the oddest expression on her face. “Oh! Don’t worry, you’re fine. I’m just cleaning up.” I said, thinking she must be worried about the bathroom not being available. She shook her head, “Uh … I … uh, was just coming in and didn’t want to … um, interrupt you guys if you were uh …

Inside, I died. I went from being shocked to inwardly dying with the strongest impulse to bust out laughing. “Oh no ma’am! The bathrooms are fine, go right ahead.” The woman, who had turned three shades of red, pushed past me and latched the door behind her. I dropped the glass cleaner by the sink and slipped out the bathroom before my laughter really rocked the poor lady’s boat any further.

Michael came around the corner and I grabbed the back of his shirt as he headed for the bathroom. “Don’t! Go. in. there.” I gasped. “Why? What’d you do?” He suddenly looked worried.

 Basically, I’m still a rookie where some closing things are concerned so I immagine he thought I’d either broken something or flooded a toilet, etc. I explained to him what had happened, and he laughed so hard he grabbed the nearest chair.

A moment later, the woman came out and gave us a funny sort of look. I walked away coughing to cover the fact that I found her take on the whole thing quite comical, to say the least. What’s wrong with people these days?!!! Do they think Chick-fil-A employees have nothing better to do than make-out in the bathrooms after hours? Eeeww … * Laughing muchly. *

All Michael could say was, “Are you SERIOUS?!! That’s just Reckless, ya’ll.”

McKenzie and I suddenly realized a wonderful fact. She’s been accepted to Gardner Webb and that’s only five minutes from where I’ll be. We definitely already kind-of-sort-of  maybe made a bunch of plans to go bowling and stuff. She really gets the whole bowling thing, whereas I dont … I just bowl for the heck of it and love every minute of it.

But she’s cute and all, and we plan to have bunches of fun at school. * smiles *

We teased Brent a good deal about smiling today, or the lack thereof. But he was in a fantastic mood, because we were able to surprise him by getting front & dining room finished by 10 and working on dishes until 10:30. There’s nothing like getting done a little early when you’ve have a rough day.

So much for Ihop after work. Too tired to eat stuffed French Toast and all that lovely stuff. Its a real bummer I didn’t think to bring an extra change of clothes, because who doesn’t love a good night out at Ihop? * smiles *

Well world, it’s been real and it’s been fun. But I have been thinking about this moment all day long. This, the moment I say goodnight and crawl into my amazing bed and sleep for hours and hours and wake up to sunshine outside my window with almost no place in the world to go.

 G … O … O … D … N … I … G … H … T
Yes, that makes me smile.

P.S. I don’t even know why I bother tip-toeing around the house at all hours of the night when Romeo pushes plastic balls and toys around making all kinds of racket. Crazy cat …