• The first words out of my mouth this morning when Joshy woke me up, were “Hold on, I have to get my last order out.” This made him frustrated, he said “Brit. This is NOT Chick-fil-A … it’s just the basement.”

  • When I looked out my bedroom window, the world was white and little white fluffy things were falling out of the sky. And I thought to myself, “There’s snow in March, why??”

  • My Sunday School class went fantastic this morning. I even remembered to bring a snack, thus I was right up with all other kind of nice teachers in the world. * winks *

  • We have Dr. Childs in for Spring Bible Conference and I absolutely love | love | loved his preaching. He’s such a sweet & Godly man. Not to mention the fact that Michael wrote me a note in service that said, “I love him! He’s hilarious.”

  • Got to spend some time with my boys this morning! Cameron & Noah. This was basically almost the highlight of my whole entire day.

  • I chatted for almost an hour with my very sweet & amazing cousin. We mostly talked about hair and school and clothes and people. Which is basically, everything under the whole wide wonderful sun I suppose. But anyways, it was bunches of fun catching up on our busy lives and making plans for our summer and all that fun lovely stuff. * smiles *

  • Staying home from church tonight was no fun. But Buttons came downstairs and fell asleep on top of me out of sympathy. All I have to say is, you’re not really going to go too many places with a 14 pound cat sleeping on your stomach. And forget about changing the channel if he’s curled up on top of the remote too, he’s liable to whack you in the face with his tail.

  • Hide & Seek in the dark sounds fun … it’d make us feel like we were kids again.

  • I watched Pearl Harbor again today. I love that movie so much, it always makes me cry though. But I could watch it again and again.

  • P.S. We had Chocolate Bochlava after work last night and it was out of this world good amazing. I’m already a lover of Bochlava to begin with, but throw chocolate into the mix and I’ll probably just keel over and die right there on the spot. * Cross my Heart *

  • When will pigs fly? I wonder … All I know is, that when they do all sorts of unbelieveable things will happen. * winks *

  • I love how some people can spend like “four hours a day” on Facebook, and suddenly they repeat old news like it just happened. I spend way less time on Facebook and know half the things up there, and … yeah, makes me smile every time. Yeah, we’re Facebook stalkin, we’re having some fun …

  • After sleeping off and on all afternoon and night, bed STILL sounds good to me so …
              Goodnight, World.