Not so very long ago, a girl met a boy she used to know. They had all but forgotten the other existed, or even dared to dream their two worlds might ever collide. But thus, it was Springtime and every good Baptist knows there’s no better time to hold a Bible Conference. But the girl had many selfish reasons for not wanting to go to this particular conference, and begged and pleaded with her parents not to make her go. Being the wonderful parents that they were, she was forced to endure two chapel services that she secretly enjoyed. God worked in her heart and changed the way she viewed many things in her life.

15 minutes later, the girl found herself standing in a long | long line she thought would never get anywhere. She clung tightly to her brother’s hand, and whispered encouraging things in his ear as his impatience grew to match her own. Five times she checked her phone for something new, something exciting that might make the wait worthwhile. And then it happened … she saw him.

And all of a sudden … her heart skipped a beat. Time stood still and the earth grew strangely quiet.

It was like nothing she’d ever felt before, and she didn’t quite know what to do. All at once everything was a mad rush. Knowing full well that if she looked up into that tall, handsome face she’d make an absolute fool of herself, she grabbed her phone frantically and pretended to text someone | anyone.

“Would you like some green beans?” The deep voice asked.

The girl thought to herself, Are you even serious? I loathe | hate | and despise green beans. But then she heard herself say, “Yes, please.”  And her heart cried out, Oh what have I done?! The result: many | many | too much green things on her plate that made her want to cry.

Just between you and I, the girl wasn’t such a very good sport when it came to Green Beans and things … but then again, that is very much beside the point.

The longer she sat, the colder those green beans got | and the worse they tasted. In truth, the girl could probably go on and on discussing her great dislike of that particular vegetable but I’m sure she won’t. * winks *

Over the crowded room of happy diners enjoying their food, the girl wondered if she could possibly be the only one in attendance who disliked her vegetables so very much … and as she was pondering this, she looked high and low for him. But not even a second glimpse of him could she find, and this made the girl very sad. She told herself countless times that what she had felt was nothing at all. That it didn’t mean a thing.