If one had the opportunity to sit back and watch me this morning from the very start, as if my life were one big movie playing across a great big black screen, one might find it quite comical to say the least …

In the very late hours of night, I suddenly remembered to set my alarm for 8:15 — today being a day I could sleep in quite a lot and leave by 9am. But alas, a strange noise woke me up this morning. It was the sound of five missed texts, much to my dismay. I reached over in my sleepy stupor and grabbed my phone.


Upon seing the time, my heart skipped five beats I’m quite sure. I flung my pile of a zillion comfy blankets away from my body and jumped out of bed so fast I surprised even myself. Two minutes later, I looked half the part of a working girl. I called to my sister to kindly throw some coffee in a cup for me, as I grabbed my bag and kissed the kiddos goodbye.

Seven minutes after waking up, I was heading to work and only just discovering that instant coffee tastes pretty like I’ve often imagined an ashtray might. But in my heart of hearts, I knew I was destined to be an epic failure all the day long without something to give my tired mind a bit of a jolt. Hello, liquid ashtray. * smiles *

After calling Billy, who wasn’t bothered in the least that I was running 15 minutes late, an old Ford with a pile of strapped down old metal parts pulled onto the road ahead of me. The guy was driving slow as molasses, and thus I watched a stream of brown liquid pour from one of the old containers for entertainment. All the while thinking to myself, “Dear God! Must I relearn patience too?!”

I’m pretty sure God said yes. Because I followed him all the way into town at a snail’s pace.

But other than a few glitches, my day was good. Michael & Scott came to see me on my break so we all sat down and had lunch together, it was so much fun! They definitely lightened my mood.

The weather was absolutely amazing tonight, and as I was driving home I saw a cute middle aged couple holding one another on the curb waiting to cross the street in court square. It made me smile, because I like seeing people like that.

Love & adored coming home to some TERRIFICALLY fantastic pizza from Mrs. Barnes. It was some of the best pizza I’ve ever had and it made a hungry girl quite happy. * Hmmm … *

And one last thing, ya’ll. I randomly despise that my natural reaction to finding a tick crawling across my stomach is to fling it on the floor. So I spent five minutes sitting on the floor squinting into burber carpet looking for the thing and feeling like an idiot. lol

“Sometimes, you’ve got to lose until you win. But it will be alright again.”