The moment that I realized I’d be closing tonight and opening tomorrow, my heart sort of sagged inside. I had a feeling that working 12 hours on less than 2 of sleep wasn’t going to fly so very high.
Thus, when I came in and Aaron asked me if I was working much tomorrow I laughed. He told me to talk to Billy and see what he could do. As usual, he was all easy-going about it and soon had it all worked out, which I thought was pretty great.

Billy, Billy. I’d almost hug you right now but you smell like chicken.”
He replied, “Yeah, well maybe you smell like an elementary teacher.”
You’re such a kid, Billy Billy.” I said with a grin.
Yeah … you know? That’s probably why they keep me in the back.”

Really, I had nothing more to say after that because … well, there’s something to be said of that. * winks * jk

  • A guy came through drive-thru with the biggest gauge I’ve ever seen in his ear. It was blood red and I almost asked, “Does that hurt much, mister?” But then I thought to myself, “Of course it hurts, dummy. It’s three seconds short of blood and gore and you wanna ask a dumb question like that?” Yeah, call me Captain Obvious.

  • One of the funniest things I heard all day, was more like a you-had-to-be-there moment, from Michael. All of us girls were asking how long we were holding on fries, when he leaned over the shoot and said, “Um, yeah. So the potatoe tree got mad at me and it’s gonna be a while.”

  • Come to think of it, there were a bunch of random funny comments at work tonight. It was one of the better nights we’ve had at Chick-fil-A. 

  • Stephanie told me tonight that I was just so … peppy. Well hey, I’m tired and about to drop dead, but if I’m somehow sounding peppy, I’m not really going to complain much. * smiles *

  • Took Gribble’s way home tonight and cut my time by a few minutes. I decided that while that way is quicker, it isn’t as awesome. I like the lovely | familiar winding roads on Monticello Mountain and knowing just where this and that are. I almost hit five deer too, and randomly wondered what’s wrong with deer today? Apparently, horns don’t bother them anymore …

  • It’s funny to be sitting here in the dead of night, and my sister’s voice breaks the silence in the other end of the house. She’s not such a big fan of cats, especially ones that come into her room uninvited at night and jump up onto her bed. She’s shooing the cat out her room and once I hear it thumping down the hall, her bedroom door clicks as she closes it. I love her.

    Well it’s the end of the day, and all I can say is that today was just a pretty great day. I love days like that, when I can’t remember too much about it but what I do remember is absolutely great.

Goodnight, World.