Things are looking a bit different this morning …

I really had no intention of changing anything just yet, but technology is sometimes just unlovely. After my computer froze, something went haywire and a hundred different settings disappeared much to my horror. Thus, a new look which I’m not entirely sad about. I mean, change is good right?

So instead of writing when I got home last night, I was scrambling through the blog world trying to save my blog from being very much erased. I’ve yet to figure out just how that came to be … but anyways! * smiles *

  • Yesterday, church was fantastic! I loved every bit of it. I ended up being in the Nursery, and the girls were a riot. By the time Sunday School let out, I had Cheetos all over my skirt and I smelled like Strawberry Oatmeal. Thankfully, cheetos come out very easily (most times) which I never knew.

  • Peanut decided to feed Laniyah some oatmeal  — she leaned over with her little spoon and said, “Jue wike it, Niyah?” To which Laniyah giggled and stuck her tongue out to show her it was all gone. Their baby chatter cracks me up! They go on and on, and I only end up catching about three words.

  • If anyone could unofficially adopt family, I would adopt the Barnes. They are some of my favoritest people in the whole world. They make me smile | make me laugh | and make my life a better one.

  • I randomly remembered we were having Chocolate Cake after lunch yesterday. I leaned over and told Sammy to stay awake, and reminded him what was for lunch. So while we’re sitting in church Sammy is sticking his stomach out and loosening his belt. He reminded me alot of a super-fantastic un-random guy I know. It made me laugh.

  • My kids were absolutely fantastic in class last night! They were also pretty exhausted; from what, I have no clue. I was wearing my glasses, so Jay Man wanted to be like me and wear some too. I gave him my sunglasses. He waved and said, “Du By! Goin to wucck.” 

  • One of the kids asked me if I was married. I said no, and Joshy said “She’s gonna be someday!” Then Emma began to tell them that I had a boyfriend, I have no idea how little girls even know such things. “Yup, she’s got a picture on her phone.” Ah, that explained it. So when Jay Man saw my phone, he laughed. “Payder?” This made ME laugh too, ’cause it wasn’t what I was expecting. “No, buddy. Not Peter.” * smiles *

  • And the homemade Chocolate Pudding was a big hit. Emma informed me she didn’t usually like pudding that wasn’t from the store. I told her homemade things were healthier for you, and when she asked why, I told her they didn’t have as many preservatives in it. Josh leaned over and said, “She worked at a Pregnancy Center all summer, so she knows all about things like that.”

  • Joshy stuck an orange posted note on our classroom door. I asked him what it said. He replied, “Oh. I don’t know, Brit. I wrote it in cursive!” Silly boy, I could put him in jar and keep him forever. And yes. I’d poke holes in the top, Mckenna.

  • The girls and I had to run to Charly last night after church to run an errand for Momma. On the way home we passed a Chinese restaurant, the sign was flashing OPEN in big glowing neon letters. And thus, we ended up eating chinese at 10:30 last night which was pretty much amazing.

That pretty much wraps up my day, with the exception of watching Planet 51 which ended up being pretty fun. I love watching movies with my sisters, they’re so much fun. * smiles *