• So tonight, I came home to a boatload — more like a shipload, actually — of comments on my blog. And I just want to say I really love the feedback, even if it did suddenly occur to me that enabling a chat box on the side might also be a good idea. * winks *

  • I met a woman who is currently living in Uganda with her adopted baby girl who was absolutely adorable. She was so sweet, I could’ve talked to her for a long time. It’s funny how you can think one thing of something like adoption for instance, and meeting people like that change your whole way of thinking.

  • Billy asked me today, “So why do you always come and sit in your car for like 3 hours, Pal?” I laughed at his exaggeration of all of 15 minutes. “Oh, ’cause I’m paranoid that one day I’ll be late.” He nods his head, “Yeah, well hey! That’s a good Paranoia, you’re better than alot of the typical freaks walking around.” I nod and grin, “Yeah, you know it! Oh Billy Billy, we’ll never think of anything good to do with you.”

  • Last night I wasn’t feeling very good. Michael made me laugh when he hugged me and solemnly said, “I’m sorry you’re dying from Polio, Crazy Pretty Lady.” It was so sincere, but he cracked me up. I think the sentimental moment was lost after that, but the thought is what counts. * smiles *

  • Have you ever thought how people with obvious names like Jim and Bob voluntarilly spell their names but people with odd, rare names never do? Have they any idea what the poor person behind the register goes through? Scrambling to spell their name with only a personal interpretation of how to do so?