• My sister heated my coffee up in the microwave. I hadn’t realized she’d brought it in until she pointed it out. I asked, “Is it hot?” She replied, “Probably not … been sitting there for like 15 minutes!” So I grabbed it, happily discovering the cup was warm. And thus, I basically burned the taste right out of my mouth.  Good Morning, America.

  • Every now and then, my arm and shoulder hurt like the dickens. I was just wondering what I had done to it, then I remembered. Alma and I were in the walk-in yesterday, neither of us could reach the boxes on the tippy top shelf so in my little mind, it was “Shorty’s gotta do, what shorty’s gotta do.” And it was up the shelf we went, and back down again with a box of Ice Cream mix. I just want to know who the brilliant individual was that put it way up there. It weighs 50 pounds, and today my shoulder is hating me and asking “Why the heck, super-woman?” 

  • And I love that moment when the Teas need to be refilled and they’re above my head. I lug one of those big old containers out there to front counter, and eventually get it all in there looking all super-woman-ish as Billy says. He took over yesterday and said with a grin, “You gotta love this. Smiling all nice on the outside and going ‘uhhh, oohhhh. My gosh, man!’ on the inside.” I laughed, “Yeah, Billy Billy.” He cracks me up.

  • I forgot to mention that I had a pretty scrumptious cupcake yesterday, thanks to Billy’s baby shower.

  • So it was a pretty nice day full of Sunshine and Cupcakes. Well not so very many cupcakes, more like a lot of sunshine. * smiles *  

  • Hugs are special, they make me feel a whole lot better. Thankful for those lovely things!