It was pretty much a good day, today! It wasn’t entirely fantastic, but all in all it was a pretty fine day. A few more people called in sick, etc so we were a bit shorthanded up front to say the least. Jordan and I ran both drive-thru & front counter which was nothing short of insanity for 2 hours. We both had headsets on and rushed from one thing to another, but after reinforcements showed up we decided we hadn’t done half bad. * wink *

Somehow, it feels like this morning was forever & ages ago. But it was kind of a fun day, and we had a good three hours of slow business which made me fantastically happy! You wouldn’t believe how much not having lines out the door for just a little bit is appreciated until you’ve been there, done that.

Corporate — the big Chicky Head Honchos — is coming tomorrow, so my boss not only called me in early tomorrow, but had us double checking odds and ends things all afternoon. It was a blessing for everyone not to have to wait on a lot of starving customers and clean under and around things too!

P.S. It helped that everyone had great attitudes, and just had a good time working with each other.

By the way, if you haven’t ever tried a Spicy Chargrilled Wrap know that they are super scrumptious. I had one for supper tonight, and then had an ice cream cone on the way home. The combination was lovely. * smiles *

Currently, I am snuggled up on the couch sneezing and coughing more than any one girl should …
I had just gone on break today, when Mama & Daddy showed up. They’d had some errands to run in town and had decided to stop by. I walked out to Dad’s truck with them, thinking that maybe I’d steal some of their Milkshake like the lovely little moocher I can sometimes be. (Jk) They pulled out two cardboard boxes, and when I heard the box Meow, I flipped a cow.

… which is pretty ironic, seeing that I work at Chick-fil-A, ya know?

So now, we have two kitties in remembrance of our favoritest Katchina. * sniff *

One is solid black with long hair and coal black eyes — I think this one shall scare me some cold dark night when I’m traipsing around the house on my lonesome. We shall see.
The Second, is smoky gray with short thick hair with melty grey eyes. But here’s the real kicker, one weighs 14 pounds and the other weighs 10. That’s one hunk of cat, ya’ll. They’re so heavy, when I got home from work & church Dad told me to go sit down with them. Sit down with them … like they’re two big old babies, can you believe it?

My siblings assure me they are sweet and loving, for all the six hours they’ve been with them. The only problem is, they aren’t Mancoon Cats and I’m pretty much on the brink of misery feeling sort of like maybe I’ve got a cold, but haven’t. And I say to myself, “Oh Dear Lord! Please build mine ammunities fast.”

                                 The End.