• This morning, as I’m getting ready to leave for work, I hear my little brother say “Mom, I wanna go to disneyland before I move to my island.” All the child ever talks about is growing up and moving to his little island where he can have a sleeping porch for us to stay in when we visit. I’m still thinking “Not so, Joe.

  • My tiny tots actually loved having Oatmeal Raisin cookies for snack last night. Who knew they could be so picky about what they consumed? I mean, some of them haven’t quite reached that stage where licking bottles of glue are beneath them, seriously. * smiles. *

  • I let Kenna drive on the way home this afternoon. It was back to smilin’ and wavin’, and it was then that I noticed that waving is so crucial to this girl. It went from the white-knuckled grip to this quick grab-the-air kind of wave. By the time we got on our road, I was laughing so hard. Elaina finally piped up from the backseat, “Kenna, it’s just a wave. We’re not counting to four!”

  • Remembered to take some medicine & Vitamins after supper. And as she’s watching me, my mother says, “Oh Brittany. People swallow swords, ya know.” Apparently, she thinks it’s far easier than it looks … O_o

  • Have you ever read the Bobsey Twins? I never have, but the boys are reading them. How can there possibly be a cliff-hanger at the end of every chapter??

  • Smart people go to bed at decent hours when having to get up at 4am the next day, others just seriously consider it. * wink *

P.S.  I despise buying school books. Must they really be expensive if I’m only using them once? Just wondering … I am reminded of a phrase: “Such  is  life.” Apparently, that’s the way this girl’s cookie shall currently crumble. * smiling muchly *