• I just stumbled upon this wonderful new thing called Google Translate. I shall sing it’s praises for just awhile now, because it’s so cool.
  • Attempting Polish is a riot. I know this because we found a random polish website today. We were reading it out loud and being dumb. Suddenly, I found this little button to translate … and vwalah! We were in business. haha!
  • My sister just saw a picture of Justin Bieber. She said, “Wow, he looks a little out there.” I laugh. Of course he’s a little out there … It’s Justin Bieber! *gag*
  • Working 4-11 tonight and wishing I had two days off instead of just one.
  • The squeaking appliance will be the death of me. Sounds a little bit like a puppy got stuck in the dryer …
  • The house is cold. I wish I could park myself near the woodstove for the rest of the day and think happy warm thoughts.
  • The girls and I made a Dunkin’ run this morning. Woke up, no cereal. We threw on our clothes and hopped in the car. It was fun stuff, and it probably isn’t every day that the old man working the drive-thru see’s not one but four girls with messy hair and mismatched clothes. haha! jk
  • The donuts were Heart shaped for Valentines. How cute is that?! I hear Papa Johns has heart shaped Pizzas, too! Who wouldn’t love that? How do you slice it, I wonder?