• First week at work — A little catastrophic for my taste, but once I get in the groove of things it’ll be great. I’m going to keep telling myself this.
  • Drive-thru can be fun. First you’ll stand there like an idiot, freezing until you remember there’s a jacket in the back.
  • People are unique and funny. This I love, makes the world go around.
  • My mouth actually hurts today. Too much talking | too much laughing | too much expression.
  • I’m tired. Like real tired … like maybe I could stay in one spot for the rest of the night and not even bother doing anything productive.
  • I still have no idea what the heck people are telling me in Spanish, but I smile and nod my head and say something like “Ahmm? yeah. Then I walk away feeling like an idiot.
  • Every time I work drive-thru, I ask myself “How many times have I said hello and my pleasure tonight?”
  • Two of my coworkers think I’m married. I’m laughing | smiling | etc.
  • Fun sarcasm has to be one of the best things on earth, it sure does brighten my day.
  • I can greet the day before the sun, when the gas stations are still closed and stoplights turn for no apparent reason.
  • People really DO get out of bed to get free food at 6 in the morning! I didn’t really think they did until handfuls of people in PJ’s shuffled through the double glass doors looking like they’re walking in the sleep!
  • I almost wish that maybe I would have taken Spanish a little more seriously. I didn’t know what it was not to be a able to communicate with people! I have no concept of how much of what I say is understood. I stand there yacking about this and that. Then five minutes later, they shrug and say “No comprende, little chica.” 

          This is the extent of our relationship for the time being, but a smile speaks volumes in any language. I’m thankful for this,

  •    I wondered for a moment today, as I was standing in the walk-in freezer watching my breath form little clouds, what English sounds like to someone who doesn’t speak it.
  • I now respond to Little Chica | Sugar Baby | Pal.
  • It would be a huge blessing if people could take obvious hints. The end.
  • My God is greater. My God is stronger. My God is higher than any other. Every day, this amazes me!
  • I met a little girl today with the same birthday as mine. Smiles.