Oh dear world,

How could you willingly | knowingly bring such pain and suffering on yourselves? I asked myself this question many many times between the hours of 5am and 3pm.

Behold. The second worst migraine in my LIFE!

… and I was thinking about all those people who go out and get drunk, knowing how they’re going to feel the next day. Hating life & stumbling around in the sunshine like an idiot, wanting to be sick.

For 10 hours every little noise, every little sound, every small ounce and inkling of light were monumentous horrors for me. Head banging | Gut wrenching horrors.

I’m sure you really could liken it to a hangover. Only, I had no part in getting myself to where I was. It was an unwelcome surprise that left me reeling in its wake. And oh brother, did I want to just give up the ghost and die. Right there on the spot, I did.

But I’m slowly coming back around, thankfully. The head is doing less of that banging stuff, and while I wouldn’t necessarily go picnicking with a bunch of 3 year olds just yet, I’m feeling alot better.

* happy sigh *