Strange? you ask.

Yes, strange.

It suddenly hit me as I was reading a very awesome book about a widow whose husband left her a puppy when he died. Oh yes, its fairly tragic but I’m loving the book thus far and random bits of it even make me laugh. So much so that, as I’m curled up on the couch in my favorite hoodie and laughing, my siblings pause the TV just long enough to glare at me like I’ve lost my ever-loving senses.

Yes, Yes. The girl apologizes over and over for being immature and interrupting the tv show, whatever it may have been. No worries, all manners and sweetness cling to me most days whether I wish them to or not. hah!

Anyways, I digress …

I suddenly thought how awesome would it be to get a dog? Or rather, a puppy. A cute scrunchy-faced, lick-you-to-death puppy. Something to lay at the foot of your bed with and tease as you wiggled your foot under the covers or bark at you when the sunshine streamed into your window.

Don’t bother reminding me that less than a month ago, I also wanted to go outside and do something incredibly dumb with my two legs and possibly break my only-est neck. Would it help to know that it’s raining outside and the siblings and I were even discussing puppies over supper tonight?

We truly were. One of the girls started talking about the kinds of dogs we would all have someday when we grow up.

So … I may or may not have randomly decided I might want a Puppy.

But it would have to be cute, and stay inside and be almost maintenance free. Yes, I’m still dreaming.

Then I googled adorable puppy pictures, found none and was soon cured of the insatable desire to obtain a new pet. Almost. Because I’m still living out in the boondocks, still connecting with the world by way of dial-up, and still watching as new puppy pictures download ever so slowly onto my screen.

I laugh.

I’m only teasing. It was a strange notion that quickly faded, but still … it was a thought.