Hello World, it’s me.

Remember me? The girl who communicates with you in all manner of randomness and smiley faces? I grew tired of worrying over Internet stalkers and much etc, I will not live in fear. I will hit the delete button on random idiocies in my comment box and dial 911 if harm should ever come to me.

Seriously though, God does watch over me. And for this, I am eternally gratefull! smiles.

In so saying, I am back for a time. And we shall see how this goes …

I’ve been doing well, and keeping busy. We’ve had enormous amounts of the gorgimous, cold white stuff of late and the roads have been a bit slippery, which pretty much confines one to the warm indoors. To me, that’s the best way to enjoy winter … wherever it’s nice and warm. But I do really hate it when I can’t go places, I’m not one for being cooped up in the homeplace but so long. One gets tired of the four walls and same sweet faces; did you know you can even get bored watching TV and reading books?

Oh yes, you truly can! I know, because I’ve done just that. But we’ve since added things like making supper, and writing to the list and we’re all okey dokey now. The sunshine has graced us with it’s presence, the roads are sparkly wet but not much of a threat … and I’ve gone places.

This fact makes me pretty much a happier gal. I went to my interview at Chick-fil-A which lasted all of 15 minutes after the lady met me and said I was cute-as-a-button. I sat there thinking, I’m cute as a button? But nevertheless, she liked whatever she saw and asked me to come back on Monday and speak with the head-honcho. I said I could go for that, all smiles of course. And with that, she rose from the table, shook my hand again and said she knew I was a little doll from the moment we first spoke on the phone.

I sat in my car for a moment, still pondering my doll-ish self. Asking myself how? and why? but I stopped pondering these things and headed for home.

Only hours after that interview, someone from the Chick-fil-A at the mall called and asked to set up an interview. My mind was reeling again, How in the world could I do this? How does one go from jobless and dirt floor poor to two job interviews and gobs of opportunity?

But I decided I would most definitely manage, and in that split second I began working things out in my head. Mornings at one, evenings at another and so on … Who knows what will happen? But we shall see. Nevertheless, I am thrilled to death with all this good news.