• Just realized my brain holds a wealth of knowledge. Zip codes, in particular. 
  • I think everything must be beautiful in Italy. I just watched Letters to Juliet, it was lovely.
  • Not really looking forward to lugging my fridge across the state in the back of my car.
  • Still wanting to go skiing or something dangerous. The impulse has struck me and wrapped me around it’s little finger. I’m sure I will reconsider once something happens …
  • Slept under four blankets, wore a hoodie and still froze last night. Wonder of wonders!
  • Had a great time with my friends last night! We stayed up until 3am, watching movies and being silly. Good times.
  • Woke up to my phone having gone off for a solid 10 minutes, to find that it was way later than I’d intended to get up. My first though, “Oh snap!”.
  • Can’t believe I’m heading home in 2 days and leaving my lovely little state behind. Sadness. 
  • Time is flying by. I hope it goes this fast when I REALLY want it to. It’s always so backwards.