1. Samuel was jumping around in a mushroom chair. Daddy says, “That chair’ll cut your fingers off, boy.”
  2. I said, “Don’t drowned.” To which came the reply, “Haha! You are funny.”
  3. Kenna and I were teasing Elaina and I said, “My favorite color is Violet, Kenna.” We cracked up insanely much.
  4. Mommy said, “Honey, what books did you need to get again?” I heard myself say, “Parenting for dummies.” Oh no! Did I for real say that in my people voice? I look at daddy, he’s smirking | trying not to laugh. Epic fail! I must be careful what I say.
  5. I’m driving like a nut. Mommy says, “I swear, girl! Oh did you just ask me to drive?”
  6. We brought Baklava home. One of the girls asked, “What in the world is Vodka? I thought it was bad.” I die. Really I do.