1) God first and foremost.       
~For without him … I would have nothing.
2) Godly Parents who love me for who I am.
 ~ who consistently encourage me!
3) My sister Kenna. I have so much fun with her.
 ~ She makes me laugh, she makes me cry.
4) My sister Lana. I loved watching her grow this year!
~ She’s my Rough ‘N Tumble girl.
5) My sister Abby. Aw my, what words to describe her? 
~ Earrings! She got hers early. She thrills my soul to death. 
6) My brother Samuel. My little superman dude | a lover boy at heart.
~ He just makes me smile. I appreciate every kiss I get. xoxo
7) My brother Joshy Washy | The Little Casanova.
~ I cherish his cuddles and baby dimples. I like his pictures he sends me.
8) My Memaw. A ray of sunshine in my mailbox, and an amazing cook!
~ I love shopping with her. She’s so much fun.
9) My Papa.The best fried apple maker in the whole world.
~ My favorite pictures are catching a random smile.
10) My Best Friend.  The most amazing friend and one of my biggest blessings.
~ He always encourages me | especially to patiently wait on God’s timing.

11) Letters in my Mailbox. Like a ray of sunshine.
~ You can’t fully appreciate this until you’re at school away from home.
12) Long Walks and comfortable Silence.
~ It’s nice to just walk and think. It’s good for the soul.
13) The ability to Pray anytime | anywhere | for any reason.
~ When I don’t know what to do, I know I can pour my heart out to Someone who does!

14) The book of Psalms. Encouraging and Comforting.
~ No matter where I randomly flip, it’s always what I need.
15) Smiles. There are so many this year | my face hurts.
~ A bad thing? I think not.

16) Only having 22 days left until I go home.
~ I can’t wait to see our Christmas Tree and bake Blue-eyed Gingerbread Men.
17)  My wonderful little Car. An unforeseen blessing.
~ I never expected to have a car, but it’s an amazing little Honda Accord.
18) The way Scripture I’ve read all my life suddenly jumps off the page and hits me hard.
~ It’s real. The feeling is amazing. Sends me scrambling for paper to jot it down.
19)  Cat Naps and Sleep in general. I’m not joking!
~ You don’t appreciate either until you’ve gone a long while without it.
20) The single guys winning the Turkey Bowl today! Whoo Hooo!
~ It’s been five years and I was cheering them on. Happiness.