I packed my boxes with a big knot in my stomach. Everything was simply going by far TOO fast! I had a whirlwind summer and here I was … packing to head back to college.

    Around Noon today, we pulled the van and the car up to the Jordan dorm and began to unload. What had I been thinking? Where would all that stuff go? Would I like my roommates?  My mind was plagued by questions I didn’t have the energy to answer.

     And then, my Mom and my amazing sister K got in there and together we worked a miracle amongst that big old pile of mess! Within an hour’s time, everything was in its own little place and the only thing I had to stress out about was what I’d do with my free time until our 10:45 curfew.

     I crashed on my neatly made bed — a smaller version of my own comfy bed at home — and pulled out some stationary. Last semester, communication with anyone outside of school was pretty much nonexistent so I have predetermined to redeem myself if at all possible. 😉

    Surprise. Surprise. Some of you just might end up with a little bit of snail mail from N.C.

    So I addressed my envelopes and after discovering I could go off campus without a pass just for this weekend, I grabbed my bag and hit the road. My friend Andrea — who doesn’t know Right from Left when giving me directions (only because we’re so caught up in talking, mind you) — her brother Joe and I stopped by Wal-Mart before heading to their church. Andrea is the RU secretary so she had to make her lovely appearance. 🙂

     We chatted for awhile and then I left, in hopes of finding some amazing deals at the Goodwill. I ended up finding a black and white Toile dress from Ann Taylor LOFT for under $5. I did a little window shopping, and ended up at Broad river Coffee Shop to check my email and all that fun stuff.

   So I’m sitting here in the dark, cozy little loft of the Coffee Shop all by myself and loving it entirely. There’s a group of Gardener web girls in the living room area below me and they’re just talking, talking, talking up a storm! Thankfully, it’s a semi interesting conversation 😉 jk