Okay, so I was looking at my calendar the other day and suddenly realized VBS is next week! Next week? Can it really be? Where. on. earth. has. the. time. gone?!!

  The little peach colored slips have all been passed out at church and everyone is figuring out just where they fit in during the crazy wonderful week of Vacation Bible School. Peter & I are running games, and have pretty much planned a fantastic week of games. Secretly, I’m not sure who will enjoy the games more … the kids, or Peter and I. 😉

  I got home from work last night to find a big roll of sky blue tablecloth on my bed. Completely clueless, I asked Mama what it was for. She said that the girls had been assigned to cut out the waves to decorate the walls of the church auditorium. She asked if I’d mind helping them out this morning while she took the boys into town to run errands.

  So, Elaina and I spent about forty-five minutes unrolling and making “waves” across the kitchen floor. I was thrilled to death when we reached the end of the roll and had finished winding it all back up on the cardboard roll it had come on.

  But really, they don’t look like authentic waves to me … they look like little blue humps, or big blue hills. Elaina says we should glue mountain goats on the top of the peaks. 😉

  Who knows, maybe the munchkins won’t REALLY come in and ask “Hey! What’s up with the blue mountains, people?!”

   Regardless of WHAT I think the mountains waves look like, I’m looking forward to next week. I’m praying that we have a turnout that will absolutely blow our minds, and that many munchkins as well as their parents will come to know the Lord.