Saturday — April 10th, 2010

    Visitation was rescheduled this morning, due to a workday at one of the Widow’s houses. The men and the teenagers headed over around nine o’clock with rakes, leaf blowers & axes.

    Mom put some sandwiches together, so I loaded up the van and headed over to Willamae’s house. I hadn’t been over there in quite awhile and took the back way so it would be somewhat quicker. I ended up getting a little bit turned around, but it was a pretty nice day for a country drive so even though I sort of got lost, I didn’t mind it too much.

     Everybody still got lunch on time, and Willamae made me stay long enough to eat a little something. I grabbed a cup of Mrs. Barnes potato soup and found a chair in the corner out of the way, where Elaina and Laura were busy munching on their lunch and laughing about something one of the guys had done.

    “Oh no.” Willamae came shuffling down the three steps from the kitchen into the den. “You’ve got to eat more than that! Get you some of that Chocolate Cake, honey!”

      I am so not a fan of cake, and as much as I’d absolutely love to be normal and just die at the mere thought of sinking my teeth into a big old piece of dark sweet goodness, I can’t.

    I know, I’m sad. 😉

    But no matter what, you don’t argue with Miss Willamae. So I asked Caleb to get a teeny piece. He looked at me the way he usually does when I ask him something like that. I think he must find it slightly amusing, but I’m sure he knew I was simply making the sweet older lady happy.

    And yes — I’ll readily admit — it was actually pretty good. Of course, eating that chocolate cake made me think of Mercede’s Chocolate Cake that’s made with a lot of Organic ingredients and uses Avocados. Now that will simply make your mouth water; it’s seriously to die for. Mmm …

     Yes. Yes. I know it sounds pretty odd but really, it’s actually amazing!

     The men headed back outside, so I headed up the steps and into the little kitchen. It took me a few minutes to figure out where everything belonged, but I soon had all the dishes washed and put away. Caleb came in and took out the trash for me, and in no time flat the place was cleaned up.

     Willamae was just tickled pink to have so many people in her house. Her husband died quite awhile back, so she lives alone with her kitties. Her little dog last Fall while I was away at school and it nearly broke her heart. We loved having the opportunity to go help her, so everybody ended up being in a really cheerful mood. 🙂

    When I got home from Willamae’s, Mom and Kenna were ready to start planting the garden. I threw on a pair of denim shorts, a tank top and my blue polka dotted flip-flops. The family worked all afternoon, and boy did we ever get some sunshine. There was a nice little breeze blowing and the sun just felt absolutely amazing.

     We planted rows of Potatoes, Onions, Broccoli and Lettuce. While we planted, Dad was digging up a bunch of deep holes close to the garden. I stood up from where I had been covering the onions, trying to figure out what he was doing.

     “Here, Mommy.” Josh comes running down the hill with a box of grape plants in his arms.

     “We’re planting grapes?” I ask like a moron. Funny, I didn’t know we were falling off the deep end of this whole garden thing. When Mom nodded her head — also adding that we were also growing Raspberries, Strawberries, Blueberries & Blackberries — I pretty much had to pick my mouth up off the ground.

      “Um … okay! That‘s good.” I was beginning to feel this very hippie-ish sensation wash over me and I didn’t really mind too terribly much. I’m totally digging this whole thing to be quite honest.

      A whole Spring and Summer of Sunshine, fresh air and fresh garden stuff? I think I can definitely handle that. Besides, it’s probably more fun than goofing off | doing absolutely nothing and getting bored wracking our brains for ways to spend our Summer.

       By the time we finished up and came inside, I had way too much energy to just sit around all night. So I threw on my tennis shoes and went for a jog on the treadmill. Of course, outside is still my favorite place to jog.

             … all the country smells | the fresh air | the sounds of birds, crickets & frogs near the pond. 🙂

     After supper, I sat down in the dining room and started working on my quilt. I was cutting and sewing for the next few hours, but I was thrilled with the way it was coming along. It’s actually my first quilt and I had anticipated it being a whole lot harder than it really was.

      Mom came in the dining room with two jars labeled Soup Veggies. She explained that whenever we had leftover vegetables we needed to put them in the jars and stick them in the freezer for soup.

        I laid my quilt work on the ironing board and ironed the stitched seam flat. “Whoa, Mom. We’re like going all hippie … but I’m totally loving it!”

         She smiles, waiting for me to expound on this new little revelation.

         “So my friends come over, and I’ll be all like Oh, what can we do for fun? Wanna pull weeds out of the garden? Or collect eggs from the chicken house? Well we could always take a spin on Dad’s motorcycle, then come inside and quilt. After that we can go milk the dad-blamed goat, and pull veggies out of the freezer to make some soup in the middle of Summer!

      Mom is of course, laughing uncontrollably at this point and I knew I’ve succeeded. Laughter is good, but for real … if you can make gardening, and all that stuff fun why wouldn’t you?!

       “So see? We’re like hippies for Jesus or something.” I laugh, all the while stitching and ironing.

        “Well, I wouldn’t say hippie. It’s just being a good steward of what God gives us.” Mom says, sticking the jars in the freezer.

          “Oh wait, we’re like Conservationists then?”

           I couldn’t help but laugh, my family is absolutely nuts. I do solemnly swear though, if we get a goat this little girl right here probably won’t be milking it. And until we hit the Great Depression 2, I’d be willing to bet you I’ll never willingly drink goats milk. I’ll leave that kind of stuff for the honest-to-goodness hippies and eco-friendly’s of this world.

            I’ve got nothing against being wise with things and growing your own vegetables, because I’m pretty much a big fan of all things organic. But seriously, my funny little brain can’t handle the thought of milk from my own backyard.

           Now, deer meat I can do. For me, it’s better if me or one of my family members killed it. I have a real hard time eating deer meat if I don’t exactly know where it came from … so just maybe that can make up for not doing the whole goat milking thing? 😉

P.S. It really isn’t hippie-ish to go back to doing things like they did a long time ago, but it does crack me up that most people now days write books or check them out of the library on these kinds of things. 🙂