Sunday — April 4th, 2010

    Yesterday was McKenna’s 15th birthday, so I took the girls out to El Vaquero’s — an amazing Mexican Restaurant near our house. Lana, Kenna and I had a great time, they’d never been before and I’d only been once with Mom & Dad.

     We scanned the menu half a dozen times, trying to determine what to order. I can’t speak but a handful or two of Spanish to be quite honest, and understand it even less. Whoever had the brilliant idea of numbering all the dishes on the menu was seriously my friend. I ordered 218 — “what dad gets” — and 219 — “what mom gets” — and we ate fresh salsa and warm tortilla chips while we waited.

       The décor is a little on the interesting side, with Red Christmas bows tying back Mexican blankets and a strange mixture of Sports posters, horses and Mexican paraphernalia spread out all over the place. I listened to the girls comment on this and that and had to smile.

    Every time one of the waiters would come to the table and ask, “Anything else, Amigas?” or “Would you like more water, Amigas?” the girls would crack a smile, and thankfully keep in their chuckling until after the man had left the table.

      “What’s so funny? I don’t get it.” I pocketed my cell phone, thinking maybe I had missed something in the process of responding to a text.

     “We’re amigas!” They grinned in a funny sing-songy voice that made me laugh. Okay, so obviously we’ve got our problems but we had a lot of fun and the food was pretty much amazing.

         When I was little, I used to decorate Easter Eggs. On a whim, while Mom and Kenna were baking in the kitchen, I decided to snatch a couple eggs and let inspiration run wild. I spent about 30 minutes blowing those retarted little eggs, but finally got them cleaned up and dried. I hadn’t the slightest idea how I was going to decorate them, but I just wanted to for the simple fun of it.

    I still remember ducking under Memaw’s side table in her living room when I’d spied a brightly colored plastic egg. And that one Easter weekend that Mama showed us how to make Tomb Stone Cookies that I didn’t like the taste of, but had fun making anyway. Or two Easter’s ago when the six of us kids got cookie kits and decorated little egg cookies. 😉

      Easter Sunday was warm and sunny, unlike most Easters that I recall over the last eighteen years. I had already determined that I just wasn’t going to do the whole sandals, thin Springy dress thing and be freezing like the dickens. For as long as I can remember, every Easter has been cold and rainy. I’d pull my sweater tighter attempting to dodge puddles and not get my sandals wet as I hurried inside the church, wondering why on Earth society felt the need to do such a thing.

       But like I said, the sun was shining and the temperatures were already warm when I headed out the door for church. I got to see my adorable little man who seems to be getting bigger and bigger every time I see him!

     The whole gang went outside in the front field and took pictures after service was over. The little guys were absolutely, photogenic-ally adorable today. I got a bunch of really cute pictures, and hardly any of the teens because none of us were feeling the whole photogenic-ness at the time, which was totally okay by me. 😉

      Mom made a fantastic dinner, concluding with Banana Pudding Mckenna had put together the night before. I can’t remember how it all started but Dad and I started knifing one another with our butter knives. One of us had said something funny, so we’d poked the other with our knife … and yes, Josh & Sammy were watching the whole display in morbid fascination. So Dad has a little mark on his hand from the teeth of the knife barely grazing his knuckles and I’ve got a little bruise on my arm, but it was all fun and games.

       Yes! My family is absolute nuts and we do a lot of really dumb things, but I’ll just bet we have more fun and enjoyment with our life than most people out there. And lest you worry that the boys start knifing one another in the very near future, we solemnly explained the stupidity of playing with knives — even the fake ones: butter knives — and that families should be kind and loving … to which, Dad kicked my leg under the table. 😉

     I love my family | my life … it’s crazy sometimes but I think it’s pretty much the bomb!


    When we got back from evening service, McKenna turned the Masterpiece Classics on. They started with all the Jane Austen remakes which turned out pretty good and just recently they have varied it somewhat. This week they were showing Sharpe’s Peril.

      McKenna and I watched it when everyone else had gone to bed. I was in the middle of multi-tasking between computer stuff and actually watching the movie. I looked up just as Richard Sharpe’s (Sean Penn) military boots clicked against the marbled floor of a Mid-eastern palace. I watched as he bowed low before the Rajah and held a military coat out to him.

     I covered my mail and looked away as the Rajah nodded his consent and Richard Sharpe let the coat drop. I had expected it to simply drop, not roll; never expected to see a dead man’s severed and bloody head roll out of the coat with his eyes staring a blue streak through the palace ceiling.

     “Kenna!” I knocked her shoulder as she leaned against my knee. “Turn it now.”

      With the dignity and poise of one that is just as disgusted by the turn of events as I but finding it quite enticing — this enjoyment in my mental torture, she turns around and sweetly says, “Hold on. I’ll forward it.”

      Oh gee, thank you. So we fastened our seatbelts and set in for what proved to be a gory movie at it’s military best.  My congrats go to the director, as I’ve never quite seen a battle depicted in such a way. The part I greatly disliked and couldn’t really stand to keep watching was when they randomly grabbed a man on the street, accused him of high treason to the king and drove a metal peg through the top of his head.

     Okay, so knowing what they were doing was fine-ish (big -ish actually), but then they had to show his insides spurting out too and that’s just about the time I decided I could skip that particular part and go back to working on my computer. 😉

     Now, I’ve seen the Patriot and my share of other equally gory movies but I had expected to see what I saw when I sat down to watch them. Unlike Sharpe’s Peril, because I had been expecting a love story very much unscathed by battle scenes, cold blood murder and gore.

      But it ended well, and Sean Penn gave an excellent performance. Okay enough Movie Reviews for the night, I’m off to bed and eagerly anticipating an AMAZING week! 🙂