Wednesday — March 31, 2010

     Well, here I sit all tucked away in my little nook at the library. I can people-watch from the window, or lose myself down the rows and rows of books I wish I had enough time to read. I promised myself just minutes ago as I was walking down the aisle with my head cocked sideways to read all the titles that I would fall in love with just one book and actually finish it this time.

      Now granted, this will most likely call for a late night or two but there’s just got to be one that grabs my attention from the very start and keeps it! I remember the days when I used to devour books in one sitting like my sisters do. Maybe that was before cell phones and internet entered my life, and I discovered I could keep up with all my friends. 🙂

      How come the moment you sit down in a library, you feel smarter? It isn’t as if all the knowledge all the books around me contain has suddenly flooded into my miniscule brain and exploded with a wealth of wisdom. Maybe it’s the quiet that provokes deep thought or concentration. I really don’t know, but it feels pretty nice.

       And one more thing — I can’t help but wonder, you know — don’t those Danielle Steele novels give the little old ladies that read them a heart attack?! It never fails, there’s always some white haired lady hobbling down the aisle and browsing the DS novels with a weird sort of smile on her face. I’m not even joking! It simply cracks me up …

         Besides, if they aren’t careful, they’ll trip over my computer cord as they’re drooling over these heart throbbing, head pounding romance novels and end up suing me. No thanks, I’d rather them grab one of those epic thrillers or a Karen Kingsbury. Something that’ll keep them breathing at least. 😉

         Congrats on the lady who just walked by me with half a dozen Karen Kingsbury in her arms. That’s the kind of old lady I want to be; nice and sensible. Wait, maybe not all that sensible … but you get my point anyway.

          It must be the day for noticing lots of things you’ve never noticed before. As I’m sitting here thumbing through some random library books I picked up, I see a little flash of bright pink out of the corner of my eye. Remind me when I’m old that Pink Crocs look really snazzy with blue jeans and a gray animal print top. I’m not even sure what kind of animal print they were going for, and as crazy as it sounds, this old lady was totally rocking it. I think I’ll skip on the animal print though. 🙂

      While sitting here at my little corner table, it has also come to my attention that my computer screen is once again dirty. Several concerned voices keep running through my head suggesting I clean it like soon. I don’t know why it never occurs to me to clean it, because it never takes very long. I’ll just shrug for now and promise myself to clean it sometime soon.

       Oh yes, and not bringing your headphones to the library when you want to listen to music is pretty much a dumb idea … but I think I’ll survive just this once.

        And note to self, it’d be a really cool thing if my kids never know what a Sugar Cookie is. A nice little Bakery lady gave me one at Wal-Mart this morning … unfortunately, I’ve never been a fan of sugar cookies. There’s enough sugar in those things to kill you in one sitting, and the gobs of blue icing just about knocked your socks off with insane amounts of sweetness. The colored sprinkles were a cute little detail but they tend to fall into your lap as you’re driving and that’s not so hot.

       Can’t you just see me now trying to brush them off my lap and getting pulled over for swerving? “Oh yes, officer. Well you see … I was wiping some sprinkles — and what? I get a *warning* for reckless driving?!”

         Yeah, and then I’d have to be ticked off at the nice little bakery lady at Wal-Mart for the rest of my life. No thanks! 🙂

          Anyways, I’m heading home with a big stack of books which the girls will devour over the weekend — grrrr! Jealousy. — some Cds and some movies for Friday night. The ride home will consist of the lovely warm sun coming through my sunroof, music and some Southern Sweet Tea from McDonalds.

        Happy Afternoon, ya’ll!