Saturday — March 27th, 2010

     I open my eyes, the sun is shining. It’s a typical Saturday morning; Dad is wanting to know if I’m going on Visitation as I try to wake myself up.  After I’ve finished my devotions and gotten ready, I grab my Bible and head out the door behind Mom and Dad. It looks like another beautiful day and I haven’t got a single thing on my agenda but Visitation and going for a walk later on.

      We gather at the church to run over some things and pray before we all head out. Paula and I start putting a few door hangers together to leave if no one is home, as Mom figures out which direction we’re heading. My Bible slides off the seat as we round a curve and I dive to catch it, hitting my head on the back of Mom’s seat in the process.

      The first few houses we had a handful of people come to the door, but the wind had picked up and it was semi-chilly so I didn’t blame people for not wanting to come to the door. As silly as it was, I was thankful for houses with long drives because I had just that much longer to warm up before going out in the cold again.  🙂

      Next, we came to a fading blue-gray house with a long driveway. I noticed a miniature Christmas tree sitting in the bay window as we pulled up. Not really my cup of tea, but if they loved Christmas enough to keep their tree up all year-long then that was okay by me.

      “Don’t worry, Mama.” I said under my breath, as I shut the car door behind me. “I’ll take my hoodie off when we get back in the car.”

       I hadn’t thought to bring a jacket, but I’d left my hoodie in the car from the day before so I’d thrown it on when we’d gotten to church to keep me warm. Now, I figured I should take it off because it didn’t necessarily match the shirt I was wearing.  😉

       “You’re fine.” Mom smiled.

        I shrug my shoulders and follow them up the sidewalk. My heart does a little flop for a moment as the sound of a yippy little dog reaches my ears. To be quite honest, I’m not a big fan of strange dogs. You never know if they’re going to be nice or make a really dumb attempt to rip your hand off. Unfortunately for me, most dogs on Visitation are the unfriendly sort and a good deal of them aren’t the tiny, yappy sort.

        Mom taps gently on the glass door. The curtain moves aside as the yappy little dog bounces up into the bay window and shows off a fine set of diminutive pearly whites as it dances back and forth from one side to the next.

         I wonder if it understands how absolutely retarded it looks? Just curious …

         I’ve yet to meet a friendly Pomeranian, but then again … this may have something to do with the fact that they remind me so much of my Great Aunt’s nasty little poodles. One bit me once, and I’ve never liked it or the replacement dogs since. Secretly, I was always thrilled to find that another had died and she was having a hard time finding a new one at the SPCA.  😉

        The glass door opened and a man in his late forties-early to mid fifties stuck his head out. Mom explained who we were, what church we were from and offered him some information about our church radio station as well as a gospel tract. He took it, but didn’t say much. I understand it’s Saturday and we probably just interrupted some amazing TV show that only airs on the weekends, but a smile would be nice. Just a little one, maybe?

         I didn’t really mind that he wasn’t all smiles, some people just aren’t that way. I was just happy to be out on Visitation after two weeks of missing it. Paula turned around and headed down the sidewalk. Careful to sidestep the cement pot of some kind of green plant trying to grow, I moved off the porch and down the small ramp.

         Hearing a whoosh behind me, I turned my head and the next thing I knew I was in the air. It all happened so very fast I didn’t even have time to catch myself fully before I realized I was lying on my stomach, three inches off the sidewalk.

         Every bone in my body suddenly ached. I didn’t want to move — the thought of lying there on the grass, the ramp and sidewalk until I felt better ran through my brain — but the sound of the yapping little dog was getting louder. If that dog found its way out of the house I’d be eaten alive, and I didn’t really feel like dealing with that today.  😉

          I carefully lifted myself off the ground with a groan, not terribly aware of anything else going on around me. The car was just thirty feet away and I wanted in very badly. Mom and Paula were saying something to me, asking if I was okay but I just mumbled some un-intelligible response.

          “Just leave the mats there.” The glass door creaked open and the man stuck his head out. He didn’t bother to ask if we were alright, all he wanted was for us to leave his porch mats where they were and leave. Of all the nerve!

          My blood somehow found its boiling point beneath all the newly aching bones, and I turned around to see what he was talking about. Mom was picking herself up off the ramp, the two green mats had slid into one another and onto the sidewalk.

          Paula gave Mom a hand and the three of us cut through the yard to the car, not even bothering to use the sidewalk. I didn’t care how I left the property, I just wanted to get to the car before I started crying my eyes out in front of a man who didn’t give a rat’s ring. I carefully slid into the backseat and closed my eyes as I held my right arm against me. Wondering momentarily what a broken arm felt like, I felt my eyes stinging and knew if I opened them I’d cry.

           “Are you alright?” Mom turned around in her seat to ask. I don’t know why — maybe because she was hurt too — but I thought it very funny of her to ask. I attempted a smile, but then glanced down at my swollen, blue and green wrist.

          “I think I did something, Mom.”

          Paula leaned back in her seat to see my wrist, which I refused to extend. It hurt too much to move and my leg was suddenly throbbing as well.

          “I’ve got three bruises on my leg already!” The man surely wasn’t on my good side today, I knew that much. To have bruised instantly and to feel like I’d been in a car accident … He just wasn’t making the cut today.

          “You going to be okay? Let me see it.” Mom’s face was a well of compassion as she looked at my arm and my wrist.

         “That man …” I paused. That man what? “…needs Jesus!”

         Mom and Paula laughed, they’d expected something different to come out of my mouth, I’m sure. But then again, we had gone there to show him the love of Jesus. Regardless of what happened — which God knew was coming all along — we had a responsibility and a testimony.

       Somehow, we managed to laugh and groan our way back to church. We laughed because we couldn’t believe it had happened, and because we pretty much pictured ourselves falling and thought it was the epitome of stupidity. J

         I can’t imagine that man’s face as he was ready to shut the door in our faces one minute and watching us slide, fly, fall and limp away the next.

         Needless to say, I was very thankful to get back to the church and head for home. It was a good morning, and somehow the Lord will use our little mishap for His good. I don’t see just how at the moment, but I know something good will come from it all.

         After I grabbed some lunch, I went for a walk in the sunshine. It felt amazing to be outside again, now that things had warmed up considerably. When I got back, the girls and I headed to town with Mom to do some grocery shopping that seemed to take forever!

       But bringing Pizza home made up for the long crazy day of weird, unexpected . 😉