Sunday — March 14th, 2010

      “Want to watch Superman returns?” I whisper to Mckenna, after flipping through a bunch of channels and not really finding anything of interest. The rest of the family had just left for church, leaving the two sicklies home to fend for themselves.

       “Uh … okay.” She sits down on the floor to hook the DVD player up. I don’t know, do normal families have all their techie stuff set up 24/7? I’m far from a techie person, I just love getting down there on my hands and knees and experimenting with all the wires until I eventually get it right. Believe me — it’s like anything else in life — it feels so much more satisfying after you’ve put a lot of thought and quite possibly a good deal of frustration and sweat into it. 😉

       “Remember Red, Yellow and White.” She grabs the three colored plugs with an air of the knowing. She’s done it so many times I bet the kid could do it in her sleep if she ever wanted to.

       I nod my head and leave the room. I’m about to die of thirst here, and my faith is quite unwavered where Mckenna and the six different plugs are concerned. In five minutes flat I’d be curled up on the couch watching my movie and hopefully falling asleep.

       “Red, white and yellow.” I reply when she asks me upon my return to the living room. She shakes her head, apparently I had it all wrong. “Um … I mean Yellow, White and then Red.”

        Ten minutes later, she’s asking for a flashlight. I’m laying down on the couch at this point, the Nyquil just beginning to kick in. I turn the brightness up on my cell phone and toss it across the living room at her. No worries my cell phone freaking friends, there was a quilt on the floor between us and my aim isn’t so very crooked. 😉

       “What?! There’s no flash on your phone?” She had given up trying to see back there in the dark abyss and was trying to take a picture instead, I open my eyes to see what she’s talking about. “Stupid phone.”

       “We could watch it on my computer.” I suggest after watching her struggle for several minutes. I can’t decide if she’s making headway or losing it all together. “But I think it’s going to have cussing in it.”

         “Yeah? Well I think that’s why I was hooking the TV guardian up.” She says with a scowl, huffing a stray wisp of hair out of her eyes. “You know, so we could watch the little red light flash on and off.”

     “You’re a nut.” I cough, with a smile that I don’t quite feel. She cracks me up; her and our big happy family that NEVER dares to lose it’s cool when a problem arises. 🙂

       Finally, I get down there and try to turn the DVD player around. My thought, it had to get in there somehow!

      After having no luck, I pull all the plugs out and start over. Little by little we get our Audio (left) and our Audio (right). I’m totally loving figuring out the way this technology on the TV works. Vwah-lah, surround sound once again and it sounds pretty awesome. Within ten minutes everything is running smoothly and my sister is giving me one of those looks. The kind that demands to know why I didn’t get my butt down there sooner and save her a lot of trouble.

      So we watched our movie, which was pretty good. I ended up nodding off somewhere in the middle but the kids ended up rewinding it when they got home.

     On a positive note, I no longer sound like Wheezer. Remember the little toy penguin sitting on Andy’s shelf in Toy Story? Mom says it sounds more like a dying poodle when I cough, but seriously … I don’t think she’s ever heard a poodle on the brink of death, so I don’t really consider that a valid comparison. 😉