Wednesday — March 10th, 2010


   “I don’t like you anymore. X Josh. X Josh.”

    “Hey Emma, don’t be doing that to my friend. Josh isn’t X.”

    “Well I don’t like you and you can’t be my friend today.” Typical girl ruling the world and breaking hearts. 😉

    “Just because you aren’t getting along doesn’t mean you can X them out.” I said, not even bothering to look up as I flipped through the teaching manual. “Besides, it makes you sound uneducated.”

     Oooh, way to use Big words they don’t understand.

    “What’s that mean?”

    “It makes you sound un-smart.” I said, trying to think of a simple definition. They all looked at each other in surprise. Rather than deciding to be kind — like our character lesson taught about this morning — they all agreed they had to find another way to say X.

   “We’ll just say Little X, Little X.” Emma piped up with a smile. “Okay, Britt-Britt?”

    I wasn’t really feeling like Spaghetti for lunch today — that’s really hard to do these days after growing up with enough spaghetti to feed Cox’s army. I still enjoy it sometimes, but we’d had it for supper the night before. I pulled some Mandarin Oranges out of the fridge. Caleb came in and I remembered he liked them so I offered him some.

      He popped a couple in his mouth and me — in my own little world as always — randomly remarked how they were just like little gold fish. Okay, so I never counted on Caleb almost choking on his mandarin oranges the moment I said that! :O

      I’m nineteen, not ninety — though I’m sure I’ll still be having a ridiculous amount of fun even then — and I just enjoy the little things. Even things like playing with my food like I used to do when I was five. If my mandarin oranges weren’t little gold fish … well, I just don’t know what I’d do! They probably wouldn’t be nearly as much fun to eat, I don’t suppose.

      I was trying my hardest to swallow mine in between gasps for air. There’s just something about the three of us — Me, Mckenna & Caleb — when we’re together. We’re like the three stooges or something, usually with us girls ganging up on poor Caleb. Sometimes he does things — like choking on my lovely little pretend fishies — that crack us up beyond words.

       “Here try another. You can handle it this time.” I held my little plastic container of fish out to him. “If you tilt your head back and drop them it feels kind of funny.”

        He throws one of those looks at me that says that just maybe he’d like to try it out but isn’t so very sure. He takes two and puts his head back, then snaps up again. “Wait. Do you do it?”

        I grinned. “Of course. I won’t promise you won’t feel like a moron, cause I usually do after I’ve had my fun. Just do it.”

         He turns away — like this is going to help me any. People, my imagination is vivid enough to picture him looking about as silly as I do — and, holding the mandarin orange a few inches above his head, lets it drop.

        He immediately doubles over, we’re both laughing. I couldn’t figure out if he had actually done it or not, but it was funny all the same. Especially when he came up again, very much out of breath and holding the second one in his hand.

       “We know what you’re doing.” Mckenna pipes up with a quiet smile she’s trying to hide behind her hand as she sits on the little round table. “Just turn around!”

         So he does, and the real McCoy was surprisingly twice as funny as our imaginations. 😉

         The kids went and played outside after they took a nap. Caleb was nice enough to bring the vacuum down the hall and help me pick up the nap stuff off the floor. I asked him to bring some air freshener in to make it smell nice for church tonight. Seriously, I was thinking Febreeze … unfortunately, we couldn’t find any so Caleb sprayed Lysol all over the place.

     We both hate the way it smells, it reminds me of a dozen unpleasant things and for Caleb, it reminds him of a nursing home. But let me tell you, he had far too much pleasure in pushing that little button down though. 🙂

     “Okay!” I coughed, waving my hands in the air. “That’s good. You’re going to kill me!”

     He grinned and as I turned around he sprayed me … and my hoodie … and one more spray into the air just for good measure. I howled, then turned around to grab the can of spray from him. He laughed and sent a misty shower into the air again.

     He had me laughing so hard, Mrs. Barnes stuck her head in the hall to make sure we were okay because she said we sounded like we were dying. 😉

      Mckenna walked around the corner, caught a whiff of the musty stuff and knew what we’d been up to. She suddenly remembered something funny that happened once — a Windex episode — when we’d all been having a work day at church a long time ago, that had us all laughing. Too much fun … J

      Finally the day was over, so I drove the kids home and ended up falling asleep for two hours. What in the world has happened in the last few days?!! I’ve turned into this perky morning person without a cup of coffee — breakfast if I’ve got the time — and by four o’clock I’m completely worn out.

       This is definitely something new for me. Just maybe though, I’m loving waking up at six or a little before — uh, well maybe not quite that part — getting the kids out the door and driving them to school. Getting to school, sitting down and teaching, then getting three little munchkins through their day, putting them down for a nice nap and then driving my siblings home. It’s kind of nice, actually. Tiring in a weird sort of way, but I’ve enjoyed it!